Favorite Family Recipes is another amazing book by Kathryn Coltrin, author of Inspired From My Heart.

Just recently, we introduced readers to Kathryn Coltrin and her book Inspired From My Heart. The book is a collection of poems about the author’s personal journey and spiritual growth. Coltrin is known for her poetry and children’s stories. Today, we will feature a different work from Kathryn Coltrin. We will get to know more about family recipes that we have come to love and enjoy.


Favorite Family Recipes: A Must-Have in Every Home

Favorite Family Recipes is a collection of recipes that we grew up with and staple in family gatherings and occasions. Published in 2017, Favorite Family Recipes is Kathryn Coltrin’s third book. Her first two books are both personal. Favorite family Recipes contain 64 pages of delicious and well-loved dishes that will make you look back at all those wonderful moments shared with family and food. Favorite Family Recipes book by Kathryn Coltrin is a celebration of moments, family, and recipes handed from one generation to another, preserving the dish and its significance.

“Recipes come from many different places. Some of us grow up with recipes that have been passed down from past generations that quickly become family favorites, while others have recipes that they can use as stand byes that they know will always be a hit with theirs. In Favorite Family Recipes, there are a combination of recipes that have come together that have been around for decades and others that have quickly become favorites at family gatherings and events.” (Amazon book description)

While there are hundreds of cookbooks and recipe magazines out there, Kathryn Coltrin’s Favorite Family Recipes is a great addition to any shelf. Every American home should have at least a book that contains a repository of excellent family food and how to prepare them.

Other Published Books / Works by Kathryn Coltrin

Written From My Heart

Written From My Heart is Kathryn Coltrin’s debut book, published it in 2016. The book is her first collection of poetry. The 42-page poetry features topics about work finding inspiration in God, places, and in other people.

A Stitch in Time

 A Stitch in Time is a semi-biography by Kathryn Coltrin published in 2017. It is her second book, and it tells Coltrin’s experiences and relationship with her grandmother, who is a big influence in her life. The book also highlights how personal experiences help shape our relationships and personality. 

Two by Two

Two by Two is the first of a series of children’s illustrated books by Coltrin. Published in 2020, the book follows the story of Noah and his arc. In this adaptation, Kathryn Coltrin reintroduces the story of Noah and the animals that came to board his amazing ship just before the great flood.

Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the Ocean is a 2020 children’s illustrated book by Kathryn Coltrin. Swimming in the Ocean is her 6th book. And it celebrates childhood. The book s all about unforgettable childhood experiences, specifically wonderful moments shared with family and friends.

Pirate Kids

Pirate Kids is the 2020 children’s illustrated book by Kathryn Coltrin. Her third children’s illustrated book follows a group of four kids who wanted to go on a pirate adventure. Their mission is to ride through the neighborhood in search of a pirate treasure. Pirate Kids is a fantastic adventure book that young readers will undoubtedly enjoy and cherish.

Inspired From My Heart

Inspired From My Heart is the latest work by Kathryn Coltrin. It is Coltrin’s second poetry book. Just like the first book, Written From My Heart, this 2021 collection of poems feature inspirational works by Coltrin, although lighter. The book contains 24 pages and talks about God’s inspiration and grace.

About Kathryn Coltrin

Kathryn Coltrin is a children’s book author and poet. In 2012, Coltrin finished her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development from Missouri State University. She has authored several other books, including a memoir, a recipe book, and several children’s illustrated books. Coltrin is married to her husband Walter for 36 years. They have three amazing children and six grandchildren, whom Kathryn really enjoys playing with and having around.