Everybody loves children’s books. At one point in our lives, we read these stories and wish to be a part of them. Let’s get to know one of today’s master storyteller, Gabriella Eva Nagy.

Gabriella Eva Nagy is one of the leading children’s book authors today. She has published a dozen children’s stories during the past six years. Gabriella Eva Nagy published her first work, Lady, Lady, Ladybug. The book is a visual book that takes readers to a dream-like journey of a ladybug. Since then, Gabriella Eva Nagy has been making a name for herself writing and illustrating children’s books. Let us a quick look at some of her published works.

Enchanted Rainbows

Enchanted Rainbows is among Gabriella Eva Nagy’s most recent and popular works. The book features beautifully illustrated images with bright colors that appeal to young readers. Images of aromatic flowers, fluttering butterflies and other insects, fluffy clouds and brilliant rainbows in vivid colors, all represent the author’s wonderful childhood. Gabriella Eva Nagy’s love for animals, nature, and life can be seen in this vibrant book. Furthermore, Enchanted Rainbow is a book that celebrates life. According to Gabriella Eva Nagy, the book is “a heartwarming visual representation to say happy birthday to someone you love.”

Seasons Illustrated Books

In 2017, Gabriella Eva Nagy published Seasons, an inspirational journal reflecting on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Along with Seasons, Nagy release four more books season books; Winter Dreams (January), Rustle of Spring (May), Summer Breeze (August), and Autumn Rainbows (October). Each of the books takes readers to unique adventures that each of the season features. For example, Rustle of Spring features bright and colorful pictures depicting the exuberant beauty and joy of spring season.

Tea Rose Garden 

Published in 2015. Tea Rose Garden is one of Gabriella Eva Nagy’s early works. Though the illustrations in the book are not as refined compared to her more recent works, Tea Rose Garden features brightly drawn flowers and butterflies. It shows a majestic garden filled with exotic natural attractions like flamingoes, peacocks, hummingbirds, and other unique and beautiful natural inhabitants. Tea Rose offers an inviting journey to a wonderful garden.

Into the Valley of Lilies

Gabriella Eva Nagy’s Into the Valley of Lilies features the same vibrant and colorful illustrations. The work is an invitation to the sweet surroundings of natural wonders and serenity. The book contains many butterfly illustrations in various colors and styles.

The Island in the Sun

This 2018 children’s illustrated book showcases Gabriella Eva Nagy’s talent in digital arts. In this work, the illustrations feature detailed lines, crisp textures, yet present the same vibrant colors used by Nagy in her earlier works. It’s hard to read Gabriella Eva Nagy’s work and not associate it with life, happiness, and fun.

Other Published Works

  • Lady, Lady, Ladybug (2014)
  • Lullaby (2015)
  • Swan Dance (2015)
  • The Island of Pearls (2016)
  • The Land of Poppies (2016)
  • Moonlight Dance (2018)
  • Starlight Lullaby (2018)
  • The Dancing Butterflies (2019)

About the Author

Gabriella was born and raised in Hungary. She always enjoyed finding visually stimulating and educational ways of reaching out to children. Gabriella earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Technology, and then she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a major in Computer Animation and Multimedia. She uses her talents to reach the world of children to promote good values. She creates illustrations of nature using bright colors beautifully combined to make her book visually appealing. Her childhood memories inspired her to write and illustrate for children.