ReadersMagnet takes a look at Jack Weaver’s moving autobiography, Going… Going…: The Abduction of Mind.

Being married means two people are united to become one. They will be there for each other through the roller coaster ride called life. May it be sickness and in health. Jack Weaver’s book, Going… Going…: The Abduction of Mind will share a story like so. A narrative that will trigger a variety of emotions at the same time. A story like no other people have read about.

Going…Going…: The Abduction of Mind

Jack Weaver’s debut book, Going… Going…: The Abduction of Mind was published in June 2019. This book is an autobiography of Jack and Janey’s love, life, and lies. The story revolves around the husband and wife’s struggles with a progressive disease. This tells the couple’s journey along the trail of Alzheimer’s with a span of fifteen years. 

Jack shares accounts of their battle with Alzheimer’s disease leading to Janey’s dementia. Their faith bears their fears. This book not only details their journey but also their hope and how they cope. An honest narrative on how Alzheimer’s disease brings in many challenges and can affect relationships. Readers will find something different from this memoir that they can’t find in other books. 

The contents of the book may not have been arranged chronologically, however, it is emotionally arranged as stated in the preface of the book. Each narrative written in the book are notable events, circumstances, and thoughts that touched the author. The first part of the book tells specifically about their lives prior to Janey’s diagnosis. And the latter part of the book is focused on their lives after the diagnosis.

Going… Going… : The Abduction of Mind is a story that will make you see and understand what true love is. A love that is unconditional and will be there through thick and thin and in sickness and in health. Nearly fifty years ago, Jack and Janey promised each other on the altar an unconditional love. They have lived their lives fulfilling that promise. 

The book started at the beginning of how the husband and wife’s lives intertwined during the summer of their sophomore years. It was young love, puppy love rather. A love that will develop into something greater. Readers will find how truly in love the author is with his wife. Readers will find how ugly and hard life can be. Jack’s engaging storytelling will keep readers glued to the book. This book is not simply telling accounts but rather telling a story. A real-life story of hope, happiness, and sadness.

Jack and Janey will be your guide throughout the book. Their story will bring readers to various locations such as sunny valleys of hope, swamps of despair, mountains of happiness, and at the vistas of grief and relief. A story that will make you cry and laugh at the same time. A story of profoundness and all-out honesty. A heartwarming story of all time. 

About Jack Weaver 

Author Jack Weaver worked for forty-three years as a chiropractor before retiring. He married his high school sweetheart, Janey Weaver. They have been husband and wife for forty-five years. Together, they have five children and a total of eight grandchildren. Weaver spends time enjoying God’s creations, working with his bare hands, and having a good laugh. He pursued these pleasures as hobbies such as photography, fly tying, woodworking, leather crafting, and writing. With his fondness of writing and a push from his wife, Weaver was able to publish his very first book, Going… Going… : The Abduction of Mind.