ReadersMagnet takes a look at Lynda Daniele’s heartwarming tale Grandpa Nick’s Bump.

Most children’s books are about fairy tales, adventures, fables, and other stories that speak of joyful and funny moments. They usually contain elements of magic, speaking animals, epic journeys, and of course, happy endings. However, children’s books have evolved in recent decades. Modern kid’s stories have included other topics such as daily encounters (going to school, how to cross the street, etc.), introduction to issues (bullying, racism, etc.), and other mature topics. Grandpa Nick’s Bump by Lynda Daniele is a children’s book about her late husband’s relationship with four children and his struggle with meningioma (thus, the title). 

Grandpa Nick’s Bump

Grandpa Nick’s Bump is a children’s illustrated book by Lynda Daniele. Published in 2019, the book pays tribute to Daniele’s late husband Nick. The books center on Nick’s relationship with four neighborhood children. The children had asked Nick if he can be their grandpa and Nick agreed. Known around the neighborhood as a kind and generous man, Nick took to babysitting the kids and considered them as his own grandsons.

In her book, Lynda Daniele shares the story of Nick’s battle with meningioma and how it changed their lives. Despite his deteriorating condition, Nick and Lynda still managed to take care of the young children who considered her and Nick as grandparents. Grandpa Nick’s Bump focused on the last remaining months of Nick’s life and the memories he shared with the four neighboring children. Grandpa Nick made sure that the kids enjoy every bonding moment they share. Despite the large tumor on his head, Grandpa Nick still managed to make them happy until the last moments of his life.

Grandpa Nick’s Bump is Lynda Daniele’s story as well.

Writing Grandpa Nick’s Bump was not an overnight thing. In coping with Nick’s death, Lynda enrolled herself in a writing class at the local YMCA. She then began writing a story as a tribute to Nick. She chose to write about Nick’s battle with meningioma. Meningioma is a tumor that is found on membranes that cover our brain and spinal cord inside the skull. Part of Nick’s story is the story of four neighboring children who had been close to Nick during his last moments. These young kids he was babysitting for stayed with him until his death and have considered Nick as their grandfather. Lynda wanted to write about Nick’s happy moments playing grandpa to four young children.

Grandpa Nick’s Bump is a touching story about how a dying old man-made four young children happy with his remaining time. Nick’s story reminds us of the value of caring for others and appreciating their presence in our lives. Lynda Daniele weaves a light story that touches on serious themes such as loss, grief, and death. But it is also a narrative that celebrates love, sympathy, kindness, and family.

Overall, Lynda Daniele’s Grandpa Nick’s Bump is a light children’s story that everyone will enjoy and treasure. It may not be the usual children’s book that we encounter every day, but Daniele’s narrative is filled with positivity, happiness, and celebration of moments. Grandpa Nick’s Bump is one remarkable work, to say the least.

About Lynda Daniele

Author Lynda Daniele, O.P.  obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York. Daniele holds a Master of Public Administration from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Daniele also worked as a public library trustee and taught adult literacy in her hometown in Southwick, Massachusetts.

Lynda Daniele is actively serving her local parish teaching faith formation. She is a lay sister in the Third Order of St. Dominic. When not writing or spending time with family and friends, Lynda enjoys the company of her Border terrier named Molly.