ReadersMagnet Review features Lynn Roberson’s book Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth. 

Whether you turn pages, swipe through Kindle, or listen to the audio, a good book can be the perfect source of inspiration. As we should be because when we read, we are learning lessons and messages that the author hides in plain sight. There are many inspiring books you can pick up, but nothing beats the inspirational words and delightful stories from Lyn Roberson’s Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth. That being the case, we are going to take a closer look at this remarkable masterpiece. 

Lynn Roberson’s non-fiction book is a feel-good read that compiles true stories, funny anecdotes, and inspiring words to comfort the weary. 

Lynn Roberson understands how heavy and unappealing it is when one becomes weary. Therefore, she wrote this book to share her experience and hopefully inspire people in the same situation. 

Hearts-Ease: The Beautiful Truth features a compilation of the author’s personal stories, funny anecdotes, and rousing words to comfort those who are weary and need God’s graces. With Lynn as your guide, you’ll find your way back home: in God’s warm embrace. Only when you return to the right path will you ease your heart and find the much-needed rest for your soul. Lynn will make sure that you’ll come to learn to love God once again since He is “the true source to finding our way back home.” Even if you’re once detached from His presence, she will reintroduce you to God’s perfect goodness and sovereignty.  

The title was named after the wildflower—which represents peace, rest, and healing—which is the overall purpose and Lynn’s goal for this masterpiece.

Lynn Roberson hopes that this little, charming book of true stories, dreams, and anecdotes will give you the ease needed for your weary soul, heartache, and heartbreak. With every page, your soul will find rest. 

Hearts-Ease was warmly welcomed by readers, receiving positive reviews. Rev. Laurie Langley of the Evangel Cathedral even praised how Lynn “wants us, the readers, to truly know His love, to rest in His work, to look forward to Heaven, and so much more.”                                                             

In essence, this eye-opening material is something you’ll pick up again and again. There’s something you’ll learn and reflect on every time you open the book. Lynn’s down-to-earth writing is the essential comfort food the soul needs. It moves you to fully accept Christ as the Savior and God as the Heavenly Father and yourself to finally accept the plans God laid for you. 

Lynn Roberson offers readers Hearts-Ease and then some. 

Lyn Roberson is not a new name in the publishing industry. She has been writing for years and has published a couple of books with the varying genre. One can say that she is truly an ace writer. Her work is worth the once-over. 

Below are other published works from this amazing woman: 

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About Lynn Roberson

Lynn Roberson is a writer, poet, and artist. She was born in Blacksburg, a small college town in Western Virginia. She is blessed to have been raised by a well-educated and respectful family. By the age of ten, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She would save up cents and nickel to purchase tiny-pocket-sized notebooks as her first effort at writing a novel. Over time, she started composing songs and anthems for a small choir. In college, Lynn co-edited the university’s literary magazine, Concepts. She won accolades for her artistry, such as Helmus Poetry Award and the Lykes Short Story award. Additionally, she was recognized as one of the twelve Converse Scholars by her senior year.