ReadersMagnet reviews acclaimed author Troy Louis’ spiritually uplifting book, Honor God With Your Body. 

First published in December 2019, Honor God With Your Body is Troy Louis’ latest book. This is his second book following Sitting on Jesus’ Lap that was published in 2018. Just like his first published work, Honor God With Your Body is a book that aims to inspire and guide readers. 

God has given people everything they ever needed from birth. He wishes for us to utilize these gifts to our greatest potential. He wants us to live a life without comparison and aspiration to become someone else. Troy Louis’ book will help readers to open their eyes and see what they truly are apart from who they try to be. Louis’ book will help readers learn how to love themselves better. He wrote this book with the intention of protecting us from ourselves and bad advisers.

God’s Desires For Us 

Troy Louis has highlighted in his book, Honor God With Your Body, that God plays an important role in molding our lives and destiny. In the book’s introduction, he stated that just like how society is full of change, life is also full of change. We have the desire to change. He states that it is okay to change so long that it is for the good. However, with change there are consequences. Louis wrote how God arranged some things in our lives that are permanent. These are His gifts to us. This includes our abilities and talents which He hopes we use to our highest potential. He emphasizes how we should not alter those things. People change and they change others along with them. Sometimes the changes we make are for selfish reasons. This desire for change is triggered and influenced by the world’s view. God wants us to stop comparing what we have to what others have. God did not want us to be like someone else. He wants us to be our authentic and natural self. Louis’ hopes for the readers of the book to see themselves in the eyes of God instead of others. 

Spiritual Self-discovery

In the book, it states how most people desire to change, specifically their bodies. People have this tendency to hate what they have. A strong resentment towards our body shape. Louis questioned this by asking if the shape of our body is the determinant of our success in the future. We know for a fact that the answer for that is no. People hunger for change to feel good and make themselves look better. According to Proverbs 27:20, “the eyes of a man are never satisfied.”

He claims that for many years until this day, people keep on comparing themselves towards others. It can be hard to be content nowadays when a person is surrounded by people who want to change and are never satisfied. Louis states that bad counseling poisons our mind and traps us in this toxic mindset. 

The book explains how we must lean into God for us to learn to love ourselves. If we lean to God, we are given assurance of fulfillment and content. God does not expect us to be better than others. He wants us to take care of ourselves and make use of his gifts and appreciate it.

About Troy Louis 

Author Troy Louis was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up in a big family that consisted of three boys and three girls. When Louis was born, he weighed in at only a pound and a half. He has a small chance of living that he considers it a miracle that he is here today, living quite well and healthy. During his teenage years, he decided to commit his life to Christ. His desire to live for Him was challenging but now looking back, Louis would see it as gratifying and amazing how Christ transformed his life. He gives credit to God for his life’s astounding transformation.