Time and again we have stressed the importance of customer reviews in affirming your business standards. More importantly in building a solid reputation for your brand and service. Among many review sites, none are as important as those that are credible and Trustpilot is among them.

What makes Trustpilot reviews credible is that they are done by actual customers who have previous experiences with certain businesses. Anyone with a business transaction or service experience can actually post a review provided they follow Trustpilot’s guidelines. There are two types of customer reviews, the consumer or individual review and the company review

Consumer Review

This is done by individuals who want to register their experience with a company’s product or service. A customer must first create a Trustpilot account and then proceed with writing a review.

Company Review

For companies like ReadersMagnet, this is a very useful tool in finding out what their customers think of their services. Companies invite their customers to write a review of the particular service or product of the company. They can also ask them to write a general review of the company as a whole. Reviews can be done through their own initiative or via Trustpilot’s system. It is the responsibility of the companies to ensure that the reviews are not bias and invitations should be done professionally.

How Trustpilot Reviews are Collected

  1. A customer writes a review. The first step starts with the consumer creating a Trustpilot account and writing about their personal experience with a particular business or domain, whether it’s a product or a service. The customer also leaves a star rating with one being the poorest and 5 the highest mark. There are some guidelines that users must remember such as avoiding accusatory statements and foul language. Leaving out personal information, attaching links of other companies is discouraged as well. See full guidelines here.
  2. Reviews are then published. Once the review is done, it is displayed in chronological order along with other reviews with the latest review on top. Once posted, a review can be seen by visitors. That way, their businesses cannot delay publication of reviews by any of their customers.
  3. Fake reviews can be filtered. Trustpilot is aware that there are fake or malicious reviews. The site is capable of detecting these bogus reviews. They are instantly removed or flagged down.
  4. Reporting/Reinstating reviews. Reported reviews are investigated and if the review’s author agrees to edit or comply with the guidelines, their reviews may be posted again. This may vary from case to case.
  5. Reviews subject for removal. While the removal of reviews can only be done by the users themselves through their personal account, Trustpilot can opt to have non-compliant reviews (those that are flagged or reported) remain offline until and unless related issues are resolved.
  6. Multiple/updated reviews. One feature that Trustpilot offers is updating personal reviews. Customers can update, change or add details depending on their most recent transaction with the business concerned. Of course, customers can choose to leave a new and separate review of the same business or company.
  7. Reviews in chronological order. Posted reviews with no issues of any kind will remain and will be viewed by visitors.

Official Note: Trustpilot uses automated and manual processes to protect the integrity of our platform. They include sophisticated detection software that operate 24/7 to identify and remove reviews deemed false. Reviewers are notified if their reviews are removed from Trustpilot.

ReadersMagnet Trustpilot reviews have certainly helped authors learn more about the company and its publishing and book marketing services. Readersmagnet has always been committed to sharing stories with the world and certainly, Trustpilot has been a great help for spreading the word about the company.