In the Shadow of God’s love is filled with poetry, pleasant stories, and inspiring moments.

In the Shadow of God’s Love is an inspirational book by Leelia Carolyn Cornell. It features a collection of poems and stories written by Cornell and published in 2018. Cornell believes that God is present not only in triumphant times in our lives but also during the sorrowful, challenging, and silly moments in our lives. In the shadow of God’s Love is divided into two sections. 

“‘In the Shadow of God’s Love’ is a book written from my heart. It speaks of my intimate relationship with God, through what one friend described, like love letters to God. It comes from all kinds of life situations happy times, joyous times, funny times, sad times, and tragic times and my hope in God in all things.” – Leelia Carolyn Cornell

Spiritual Poetry

The first section of the book is composed mainly of poems. They are divided into four parts. The themes feature God’s presence in our daily lives. Cornell writes personal and insightful verses as if writing notes to God. The poetry shows readers how God’s presence is constant no matter the season and moment. In joy, suffering, and even in confusion. God is even present even in the silliest, and uneventful times of our lives.

“The rosy orb blazes boldly at the very rim of the horizon. Its fiery flame illuminates the dark clouds gathering there. The sky grows ominously darker while the last light rays Filter through the chaos stripped bare of truth and reason. Once its shine dazzled the world with sparkles and light, Causing a million crystal gems of righteousness to shimmer. But now the scene careens dangerously. Few jewels remain. Slowly the ball sinks, swallowed by those who exalt evil. It descends, pulling night’s shade behind it. Darkness reigns. Yet even in this darkness resides the essence of glory of the day. Even in the darkness, light dawns for the upright.”- excerpt from In the Shadow of God’s Love

Faith and Family

The second part of the book features a more personal relationship with God. Leelia Carolyn Cornell takes readers to a journey. Divided into three parts, section two is all about family history. Cornell shares how her family encountered God and has been with them throughout many difficult situations. Leelia’s stories reveal how God is central to her and her family across generations. The section contains funny stories as well as poetry. Cornell also wrote poems about spending time with nature. She highlights how God is also present in the beauty and wonder of nature. She ends the second section with a loving tribute to mother nature

Overall, Cornell’s In the Shadow of God’s Love is a light inspirational read. The combination of poems and personal stories is quite interesting. The book is defined by Leelia’s devotion and faith to God. If you are looking for a relaxing and inspirational read, we recommend Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s In the Shadow of God’s Love.


About the Author

 Leelia Carolyn Cornell was born in Marion, Indiana. She is a historian and has done musical historical programs especially about Lincoln. She was a regular contributor to Hoosier Heritage Magazine and is currently writes for White Tops, a professional circus magazine. Leelia has traveled extensively. She’s been top all fifty states, five Canadian provinces, the Yukon Territory, four continents, and a mission trip to Asia. Leelia Carolyn Cornell also teaches a Bible study on the Hebraic understanding of scripture.