Overcoming adversity, such as a traumatic experience brought about by an abusive relationship, is difficult. Not too many people can handle that journey alone themselves, often needing support along the way to even manage to take that first step towards redemption. People who are going through this kind of ordeal need all the help they can get. They need a source of inspiration and motivation to keep them going. Grace Crook’s book about physical traumaInnerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words, is an example of an inspirational source material highly suggested for people in or who have been in traumatic abusive relationships. 

A fantastic source of inspiration

Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words is a book collection of poetry reflecting author Grace Maier-Crook’s life and experience going through physical trauma and verbal abuse. The captivating poetic lines within the pages are enough to keep the readers looking forward to the following lines, page after page. The poems themselves echo the author’s most profound thoughts and feelings, signifying that it’s only human to go through all of the different emotions when a person is going through a very painful ordeal. It is normal to feel the hurt, pain, sadness, fear, and anxiety that the author hopes to instill the feeling of hope after reading the book. 

Hope is coming to a full circle of healing from abuse. Hope is something to look forward to, that it is possible to come out and survive an abusive relationship, that it is possible to laugh and love again, and that it is possible to start life all over again. And that is the very aim the book hopes to achieve with its readers. 

A poetic jewel

Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words is a gem amongst motivational books that touch on the subject of trauma and abuse. The message of hope is carefully crafted and incorporated through the beautiful arrangement of rhythmic words, showing the author’s prowess and versatility in the written language. Through the delightful weaving of words, Grace shares how finding God in her life helped her overcome her everyday demons and eventually win the fight that led her to where she is at right now – a more peaceful and happier life.

The book touches on the good and the bad, which are inevitable as a person journeys through life and towards their goals. The good events boost a person’s self-esteem, and the bad ones teach a person resiliency. The bad events may leave a person emotionally scarred, but from those scars, the person should draw strengths to come out as a survivor. It is not by escaping those scars, those painful experiences, that the victim wins the situation. By learning from them, learning the significance of forgiving, accepting, and moving on, the abuse victim can come out of that tag as the victim and turn into a champion.  

Presence of God

Right at the very heart of the poetry book is the message that God should and must be present at every step of the way to navigate life’s challenges successfully. For Grace, throughout her battles, which seemed limitless at times, she shared that she always had God by and on her side. A battle without God will see no victory. And surviving a traumatic abusive relationship is akin to going through a battle – a battle for one’s soul and being. 

Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words teaches its readers that nothing is impossible as long as a person is determined, has the right motivation in life, and has God with them to guide them along the way. Anyone can win the fight against trauma and abuse. Simply make that decision to survive, add on a spark of faith and motivation, and for sure, that person will be on the way to a complete circle of recovery.

Ready to get inspired? Grab a copy of Grace Crook’s Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words on Amazon, or visit the author’s website at www.gmcrook.com.