Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest provides a refreshing perspective on Catholicism and Spirituality by Fr. Peffley.

Modern Catholics are often caught between tradition and evolution. The Catholic faith has evolved over the years. At times, the modern faithful find themselves at a crossroads between upholding ancient practices, ideas, ceremonies, and accepting truths that continue to make the Catholic Church still relevant in today’s fast and ever-changing cultural landscape. Fortunately, there are still among the Catholics who can articulate the teachings of Catholicism in a way that they do not abandon the basic foundations of faith while at the same time seeks to understand modern society. They look to family and spirituality to continue spreading the Gospel of God. One example is Reverend Francis J. Peffley’s Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest.

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish is the complete title of Fr. Francis J. Peffley’s 2019 inspirational guidebook that centers on family and faith. This remarkable work highlights enlightening insights on Catholicism and Spirituality by Fr. Peffley. Now more than ever, Fr. Peffley provides timely and on-point discussions on how the Catholic family can preserve the teachings of God and the foundations of faith. The book recognizes the vital role of the basic unit of society in preserving values, wisdom, and tradition.

“In the chaos of the modern world, the family has been attacked. The necessary foundations of faith and love are becoming distorted. So what must the world, and the families within it, do to counteract the growing threats? Deepen their understanding of faith and their roles within it. “Inside The Catholic Family” is a testament to that need. A book intertwined with poems and stories of faith, the message deepens the reader’s understanding of the beauty and dexterity of the relationships within the family.”

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish stands out among the many Catholic books that discuss spirituality and faith because of how Fr. Francis J. Peffley wrote this masterpiece. He blends stories, humor, and incisiveness in such a way that it is easy to absorb for the readers, even those outside the Catholic faith. Rich with wisdom and inspiration, the book tackles many vital issues, including marriage, parenting, the mysteries of the Catholic religion, Mary our Mother, and the Blessed Trinity. More importantly, the book reminds Catholics of keeping the faith, maintaining holiness in their daily lives, and interacting with the community. Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest is an essential read for all modern Catholics.

About the Author, Reverend Francis J. Peffley

Father Francis J. Peffley was born March 16, 1963, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to William and Mary Peffley. Francis joined the Legion of Mary with his sisters, Edel and Natia, when he was only ten years old (their parents met at Legion of Mary). Francis went to College in Front Royal, Virginia (Bachelor of Arts in Theology). He also attended the Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland, where he received his priestly formation and Master of Divinity and Master of Arts Degrees.

 On May 19, 1990, Fr. Francis J. Peffley was ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. He worked passionately and served as founding pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Gainesville, Virginia, from 2001 to 2011. His dedication made him become the parochial vicar at Saint John the Apostle in Leesburg, Virginia, until 2016. Always active and energetic, Fr. Peffley works with parish young adult ministry, retreat work, and pilgrimages. He has been a chaplain of the Knights of Columbus councils in each parish he has served for the last twenty years. Presently, Fr. Peffley serves as parochial vicar at St Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, Virginia. He also has several publications, recordings on Spirituality, the Saints, Apologetics, Evangelization, and the Family. His Sunday and weekday homilies and retreat talks are live and uploaded online for hundreds of listeners all over the globe.