Inspired Wholeness Enterprise provides wholeness counseling services and Christian self-help books by Dr.Sharon Arrindell.

Inspired Wholeness Enterprise

Inspired Wholeness Enterprise is a ministry whose business is to meet the needs of people and bring them to a place of ultimate wholeness. They provide various services aimed at guiding clients to recovery, change, and a more positive outlook in life.

Their Wholeness Counseling Service is designed for those who find themselves in situations that require professional counseling to recover and be whole again. 

Inspired Wholeness Enterprise also features a spiritual coaching program called The Birthing Room. It is designed for women 21 and over to help them PUSH into their destinies. Whether it’s spiritual growth, career choices, and other endeavors, the program aims to empower women and find true purpose in life.

Aside from counseling services, Inspire Wholeness Enterprise also provides works of literature that will help readers empower themselves and learn more about their personal journey. Through the Inspire Wholeness School, courses and Christian self-help books by Dr. Sharon Arrindell are made available to clients in the hopes of inspiring wholeness and wisdom.

One of the main features of Inspires Wholeness Enterprise is the Inspired Wholeness Ministries. It offers teaching, preaching, and annual conferences to ultimately guide people towards real and lasting change. Led by counselor and Pastor Dr. Sharon Arrindell, Inspired Wholeness Ministries provides quality education and a wealth of experience for participants.

Publications and Books Available

Inspired Wholeness Enterprise offers the following published books that will guide readers in facing different issues in their lives and for them to better understand their emotions and spirituality.

Christian Divorce Wars: A Biblical View

Christian Divorce Wars is one of the earliest works by Dr. Sharon Arrindell. This inspirational Christian self-help guidebook on marriage and divorce has undoubtedly helped many couples and individuals. The book, published in 2013, offers many insights and experiences on love, marriage, conflicts, separation, hurt, healing, and trusting God in all these processes.

  • Embracing Our Queenly Anointing

Embracing Our Queenly Anointing: Anointed for such a time as this (Esther 4:14) is the book’s complete title designed for women. Together with its workbook, it is an excellent supplementary tool that can be used as a women’s Bible study course for churches or women’s home Bible studies.

  • 31 Days of Wholeness
  • Newbies in the Kingdom: Daily Devotional for the New Believers

Newbies in the Kingdom: Daily Devotional for the New Believers and 31 Days of Wholeness are two daily devotional books written by Dr. Sharon Arrindell. They are designed to strengthen relationships and communication with God.

  • Weapons for Victory: Memoirs of a Perfect Storm

One of Dr. Sharon Arrindell’s most personal works, Weapons for Victory: Memoirs of a Perfect Storm, was published in 2013. In her book, the successful counselor, pastor, and author shares her life, struggles, and faith that led her to overcome life’s challenges. This inspirational book is not exclusive to those undergoing divorce but to everyone who wants to find the courage and strength to change their situation.

  • The Sheperd’s Call: A Manual/Workbook for Pastors and Church Leaders

The Sheperd’s Call: A Manual/Workbook for Pastors and Church Leaders is one of Dr. Sharon Arrindell recently published works (2016). As the title suggests, the book is aimed to inspire and guide pastors, Bible study leaders, and Church leaders in their daily practices and educating the faithful. The book features concise guides designed for 18 weeks of learning.

  • The Bridge Magazine

Aside from the published books, Inspired Wholeness Enterprise has a magazine that aims to bring healing and wholeness to generations of women. Established in 2016, The Bridge Magazine was inspired by “Bridging the Gap,” a group of young adult women who met in Dr. Sharon’s home. 

About Dr. Sharon Arrindell

Dr. Sharon Arrindell is an ordained pastor, a licensed pastoral counselor, professor, author, and editor. She is a Professional Christian Counselor who specializes in pre-marriage and marriage counseling. Dr. Sharon Arrindell also does grief counseling, anger management, youth and adolescent counseling, and stress counseling.

She is the author of several Christian books and is also the head of Inspired Wholeness Enterprise. After spending many years in the fashion business, Dr. Arrindell pursued a career in counseling. First, she spent four years in New York, working with children with autism, and spent many years in NY as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, and Bible college teacher. In Florida, Dr. Sharon worked as a school counselor for eleven years and as a youth pastor in Port St. Lucie for four years.

In 2016, Dr. Sharon Arrindell was featured in Women of Distinction Magazine. She currently lives in Florida with her husband, Keith Arrindell.

To know more about Dr. Sharon Arrindell, you can check out her books at AMAZON.COM and BARNESANDNOBLE.COM, or visit her website today.