ReadersMagnet takes a look at Is It Santa?, a children’s illustrated book by Nelibeth Plaza.

Christmas stories often involve magic tales and fantasy adventures. Stories like The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Elves and the Shoemaker, and Father Christmas are just some of the classic Christmas children’s stories we grew up with. As time passed by, Christmas tales have evolved as well as the themes. Today, we will present a different Christmas kids story- Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza.

Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza

Is it Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza is a children’s illustrated book published in 2020. It is a heartwarming Christmas mystery for the whole family. It follows Mother Rebekkah at home baking and prepares a beautifully crafted basket, full of chocolates chips cookies for Santa. While they were away, someone took the cookies and scattered them on the kitchen counter, adjacent living-room coffee table, both end tables and on the sofa. What follows next is a funny and exciting search for the culprit that has the whole family and the firefighters involved. Filled with light family moments and pleasant surprises, Nelibeth Plaza’s Is It Santa? is certainly a delightful read.

Mya, Charlie, and Jacob could no longer contain the excitement and anticipation of the freshly delicious baked chocolate chip cookies. When Mother Rebekkah finally opened the front door. The children jubilantly all ran inside at the same time.” “Then Jacob, pointing and yelling in amazement and excitement. “Mama, Mama…. Look, Santa must have come inside our house through the living room window. Santa, in his rush, knocked down the beautiful red poinsettias, and they are on the floor Mama…” “Papa, Papa…., come quick to the window and take a look. I solved the mystery.” Jacob yelled as loud as he could. Everyone rushed to the living room at the same time. To their surprise, there was evidence right in front of them. “A-ha, there are Mama’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies,” Jacob exclaimed proudly. “The mystery was solved by no other than private eye investigator Jacob,” Captain Joe stated, who was very impressed by this intelligent six-year-old child.” (Excerpt from the Book)

Other Published Works by Plaza

The Red Oak Rocking Chair is a 2018 book by Nelibeth Plaza. It talks about how rocking chairs play an important part in the lives of many families. In particular, she talks about one rocking chair that has been a part of her family’s journey and has witnessed love, joy, and even. Plaza shared how one red oak rocking chair became a part of a newborn baby’s journey from infancy through her childhood years.

About Nelibeth Plaza

Nelibeth Plaza taught for twenty-seven years as an elementary teacher in the New York City Department of Education. She is also a former assistant principal. In 2015, Nelibeth had an accident and required her to undergo therapy. After a physical therapy session one afternoon, she came across a photo of an old rocking chair that belonged to the family for over 50 years. The rocking chair became the inspiration for her first book, The Red Oak Rocking Chair, which was published in 2018. The following year, she decided to retire and, in 2020, published her book, Is It Santa? A workmate’s story inspired Nelibeth to write the second book. The workmate discovered that a squirrel living in her attic had scattered her cookies all over the house while she was at work. Plaza’s two daughters, Rebekah and Elizabeth, their husbands, and her three grandchildren- Mya, Charlie, and Jacob, are characters in her books.

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