Jasmine: Woman of Color is part of the Divine book series by author Monique Boyd.

Monique Boyd is an author who is known for her romance novels. She works can be categorized under mini mystery thrillers popularized by recent bestsellers such as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Nora Roberts mystery novels, and the blockbuster franchise Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Today, ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Monique Boyd’s first book from her romance mystery Divine book series– Jasmine: A Woman of Color.

Jasmine: A Woman of Color by Monique Boyd

Jasmine: A Woman of Color is Monique Boyd’s debut novel. It is a romantic thriller published in 2018. In this book, Boyd introduces us to Jasmine Moore. More is an Executive Assistant who recently lost her husband. Prior to her husband’s death, Jasmine discovered her husband’s infidelities. However, before she could seek out revenge, she found herself falling in love with a doctor. Letting go of vengeance and giving herself a second chance at love, everything seems copacetic for Jasmine and her children. But her peace is soon disrupted when she found out that somebody is trying to kill her. Jasmine has no idea who is trying to destroy her and her family. Jasmine Moore decides to confront the threat and so put an end to this once and for all.

Boyd’s mystery thriller is divided into eight chapters. She begins by narrating how Jasmine and Mike met and their lives before their union (the two characters are both single parents, an important part of the story). Jasmine soon discovers that her marriage to Mike is not the heaven she envisioned a year ago. Jasmine learns that Mike has been cheating on her. Determined to seek revenge, Jasmine hatched a plan to get back at Mike. After Mike’s death and meeting Dr. Jason, Jasmine foregoes her revenge, opting to live a peaceful and happy life with her kids and her newfound love. Jasmine: A Woman of Color revolves around the story of Jasmine as a widow and as someone who is haunted by a mysterious figure who wants to destroy her. Boyd blends passion, scheme, surprise, and her unique plot twist in this romantic and semi-dark novel about love and breaking free from the past.

Jasmine: A woman of Color is just the first installment in the Divine book series. The second book is titled Jasmine: Better Love. Two more books from the series will be released soon. Monique Boyd’s mini thriller is a light mystery narrative. The chapters are easy to digest and contain just enough nuances to build a powerful major plot twist. If you are a fan of romance mystery novels, then Monique Boyd’s Jasmine: A Woman of Color is a recommended read.

About Monique Boyd

Monique Boyd is from New Jersey but grew up in Kansas since the age of two. She has spent most of her years working in the administration office. For more than thirty years, Monique Boyd has worked between the Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems. Monique Boyd also worked as a Senior Executive Assistant for the last 21 years.

Boyd is an active member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). She is divorced and has six grown-up children and 16 beautiful grandchildren. 

Monique Boyd published her debut novel Jasmine: A Woman of Color. Boyd is currently working on three books under the Divine book series. Aside from writing, Monique spends her time cooking, crochet Afghans, traveling, and reading romance novels. She considers herself a romantic at heart. Monique Boyd is also active in her church community.