America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Dr. Irene Prospere, the author of the spirituality guide Jesus, the Ultimate Counselor (Xlibris; 2007). 

Through Jesus, the Ultimate Counselor, Dr. Prospere advances the view that it is Christ – and Christ alone – by the power of the Holy Spirit, who helps, heals, and comforts the sick, the anxious, and the traumatized. The author attests that Christ is the ultimate counselor who, unlike secular counselors, offers solace, comfort, and healing to those who are disillusioned with life, hopeless, and afflicted. This book serves as an invitation to everyone to seek Jesus and cast their burdens on him. 

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Dr. Irene Prospere

The radio interview revolved around Dr. Prospere’s affirmations about Jesus as the ultimate counselor. Host Kate Delaney asked her guest, “When you say Jesus is the ultimate counselor, what do you mean by that? Do you mean that when people are looking for answers, they look in all these other places?” 

Dr. Prospere answered, “Right, and you can go to every secular or Christian counselor, and look for relief from whatever is ailing or bothering you. But ultimately, you have to go to Jesus to get full recovery because whatever the counselor does is only for a while. (After) A couple of days, they ask you to go back to your thing. 

“But with Jesus, Jesus comes to you or you go to him with your problems; and he comes to you and tells you what to do. Once you do it, you are free of that burden forever as long as you continue to believe in him.”

“Why is it that people struggle so much with belief?” Delaney then asked. 

“A lot of it has to do with your upbringing, where you are from,” answered Dr. Prospere. “There’s hardly anybody that needs counseling… People deal with life and feel life in a different way (that) they don’t feel so entitled. They feel like ‘the harder you work, the better off you are.’ So, if you have a problem, you get involved in your work…”

Dr. Prospere then shared about her country’s experience in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo. The hurricane left behind immense damage. Even though the people received aid from England, they didn’t feel self-entitled enough not to work. They got up to rebuild their lives and regain their self-sufficiency. They rebuilt their homes from scratch, salvaged whatever they could find among the ruins, and sell anything that could be sold. They did all they could, doing their best and persevering without crying, complaining, or moaning.    

Reflecting on her life and family experience, the author also talked about contentment (“When I was growing up, whatever your mother gave you, you are very happy… Whatever you get, you are happy.”) and, at length, homelessness (“If anybody is out on the streets, it’s because they choose, not because they have to.”)

Dr. Prospere also talked about sharing with the less fortunate. “If you didn’t have any food in your house to eat, your neighbor would never cook and not offer him something to eat. We used to call it ‘hand washes hand’ (‘one hand washes the other.’) We share whatever we have with our friends, our family, and neighbors. Life was a lot easier.”

The author wants her readers to know that “Jesus is all that they need.” She said, “When you have Jesus, everything is put in place. You can go to him with your burdens, go to him with your cares, and he will be there for you just like he would be there for the woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, and calling Lazarus out of the grave, bringing Jairus’ daughter back from the dead, healing the lepers, opening the blind eyes, and teaching the high priest in the temple about the things of God. There are some many examples of what he did – that he can still do for you now.”

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