ReadersMagnet takes a closer look at Barbara Lyons Slade’s empowering book Live in the Moment.

Positive affirmations have been used by many to get through hardships and struggles. This has somehow helped people cope and get through these adversities. Allow Barbara Lyons Slade’s Live in the Moment to convince you to use prophetic affirmations that are composed of the word of the Lord. Speak God’s truths over your life to put yourself in a winning position. 

Live in the Moment

Live in the Moment is Slade’s second published work. This is her first book of the Prophetic Affirmations series that was published in November 2013. This is followed by her third and recent book, Bread from Heaven. This book compels readers to speak prophetic affirmations aloud, consistently, and repeatedly. Thus, renewing one’s thoughts, forming new habits, and transforming life when speaking these affirmations that coincide with God’s words. 

To speak like God means to speak in greatness. For Barbara Lyons Slade, it is vital to learn to say what God wants you to say. She will convince you to seek the voice of God to understand what this voice wants you to do in the duration of your existence. Through prophetic affirmations, you will speak with greatness, achieve success over endeavors, and victory over life’s battles. These prophetic affirmations will transform your whole being making you consistent with what God says about you. Declare these affirmations because you are voicing out the plans and promises of the Lord God. Speak prophetically and you will be able to live in the moment. Feel the goodness of God and feel motivated by the words you speak. 

Prophetic affirmations enable you to withstand and conquer all negativity. This is a means of changing the narrative and boosting your self-esteem. Slade will convince you to live life just like how God wanted. The voices of adversity will be silenced and all disappointments and discouragement will be driven away from you. 

Her book, Live in the Moment, will make any reader create his or her own prophetic affirmations. You will want to have the creative power to declare words that will transform thoughts for the good of yourself. The scriptures were used as inspirations by Barbara Slade to create strong and remarkable affirmations that you will read in the entire book. 

Live in the Moment: Prophetic Affirmations is an uplifting guidebook that will bombard negative thoughts and help you find the wisdom to listen to God. Prepare yourself to be empowered as you go through the book. Be filled with valuable lessons that you can apply to your life. Revel in the revelations and discoveries you will find in the book. 

About Barbara Lyons Slade

Barbara Lyons Slade is an astounding author and a skilled public speaker. She is currently residing in Sylmar, California. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies from King’s College & Seminary in Van Nuys, California. Slade is a multi-talented person who uses the abilities gifted to her by helping and inspiring people from all walks of life. She speaks life-giving words over people’s lives. She guides others in their spiritual journey to help them fulfill their God-given purpose. She is well-versed in speaking at small Bible study groups, conferences, retreats, outreach events, and community groups. 

Slade authored three remarkable books that will change the lives of readers. Her books are entitled Possess the Purpose (31-day devotional book), Live in the Moment (book one of Prophetic Affirmations series), and Bread from Heaven (book two of Prophetic Affirmations series).