ReadersMagnet Review revisits Marianna Albritton, and her powerful guidebook Come Climb Toward God.

Childhood and Education

Author Marianna Albritton is from Lucedale, Mississippi. She began writing when she was in high school. One of the turning points in her life was when she submitted an essay for the contest. The theme for the said contest is “Why Young People are Important in the Work of the Local Church?”. The Church Association sponsored it, and Marianna’s entry bagged the winning prize. Her piece was then read during the Association’s meeting, inspiring the young Marianna to continue writing. During this time, she decided that she wants to dedicate her talent to help others get acquainted with God. After finishing high school, Marianna chose a two-year Bible Study program in addition to the regular two-year basic college course offered to her at the Southern Junior College in Laurel, Mississippi. This would provide her with a strong foundation in Bible study and would spark her passion for teaching the Bible to others. 

Bible and Sunday School

Aside from developing her writing skills, Marianna Albritton also learned to embraced public speaking. Through the encouragement of was high school speech teacher, Mr. Hassan, Marianna Albritton started public speaking. She also started teaching Sunday School Class and continued to do so for five years. When the pastor started a church magazine, Marianna serves as its editor. Marianna wrote editorials, edited articles from staff and church organizations. Her experience with the magazine further honed her skills. Her confidence grew with the support and appreciation she got from church members who expressed their appreciation and compliments on her writing skills.

After college, Marianna Albritton taught high school in Jones County for four years. She did this while continuing with her duties with teaching Sunday School, leading a youth group, and editing the church magazine. Mariann met and married her husband around this time. They then moved to Stone County, where she continued to study the Bible and teach Sunday School.

Moving to Stone County allowed Mariannasome quiet time and the chance to learn and study. They stayed there for fifteen years, and during those times, God presented her with opportunities to further serve the Lord. This included one on one discipleship study, teaching and speaking at churches other than my own, and most surprising of all, the task of writing Sunday School lessons for the Baptist Sunday School Board. She also continued to teach and speak at churches. 

Writing Sunday School lessons to be read in churches all over the United States excited Marianna, which would have a lifelong impact on her writing career. Inspired by multitudes of letters of encouragement from the people and her students, Marianna finally decided to write a book. 

Come Climb Toward God

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? is a powerful guidebook by Albritton published in 2013. The book is written for people who want to seek a deeper relationship with God. Albritton’s works also hope to enlighten people who are lost and want to seek the wisdom and grace of the Lord once again. The light reading material packs a powerful message for readers to ponder on. In her book, Marianna Albritton reaffirms the truth that only Jesus Christ can satisfy the deep hunger within our soul. Albritton emphasized the need to know more about Jesus Christ. The Son of God is not a mere historical figure but someone who brings salvation and draws us closer to God the Creator. For almost two decades, Marianna Albritton’s masterpiece has shed light and inspiration to many readers. Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? is a life-changing book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

To know more about Marianna Albritton and her book, you can purchase a copy or visit her website.