The 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair will be held from October 16 to October 20. It is the largest book event in terms of both the number of publishing companies participating as well as the number of visitors. The venue has always been the Frankfurt Trade Fair Grounds. Let’s take a closer look at the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center and Trade Fair Grounds and all its nearby locations.

Messe Frankfurt is the oldest fair trade center in Germany. For over 800, the grounds of Messe Frankfurt has served as a center for commerce and trade. The first Frank International Book Fair was held on July 1240. It was the Frankfurt Autumn Trade Fair. Emperor Frederick II had called for a fair and declared that merchants going to the fair were all under the empire’s protection.

It is also the largest trade fair and exhibition center. It has 30 different locations and has its very own congress and exhibition grounds. Messe Frankfurt employs around 2,500 workers. It is own by the City of Frankfurt by 60% and the State of Hesse by 40%. It has an estimated annual income of 1 million euros.

The Messe Frankfurt is strategically located at the heart of the financial and business center of Germany. It features 367,000 m² of hall area and more than 96,000 m² of free space at its disposal. What makes Messe Frankfurt also a viable venue is its accessibility, combinable locations, and state-of-the-art function halls.

The Messe Frankfurt is a high-tech and highly secured facility. It features more than 1,000 WiFi Access Points. Every hall including the Festhalle, the Congress and the Forum are connected by the Via Mobile covered moving walkway. The safety and security of all areas in the Messe Frankfurt is handled by the Operation and Security Center (OSC). It houses the central control room, corporate and event security, fire protection, police station, the German Red Cross, and the security service. It is staffed all-year round, 24-7 even without major events.

The Messe Frankfurt is filled with modern and unique architectures. The halle and gallerias each has its own function and feel. Portalhaus and Festhalle are two of the famous function halls. The latest addition is Halle 12. It is a-33,600 square meters of event space. The lower level of the hall has four catering areas, 2 restaurants than can accommodate 200 each, 800 parking spaces and an entrance to the Portalhaus.

The Messeturm is also known as the Trade Fair Tower. It is a 63-story, 257 building. It is the second tallest building in Frankfurt and in Germany. Helmut Jahn designed the tower along with some of the building in the Messe Frankfurt. The tower itself is not used for the trade fair. It serves as an office building.

The Messe Frankfurt is virtually a city within the city. It has over 11,500 hotel rooms, 26 restaurants, 77 bars, cafes, and food stands. It also has three first-aid stations. The famous Skyline Plaza shopping center is within walking distance. Around 170 stores and services can be found in the said shopping mall.

The Messe Frankfurt enjoys a convenient transportation system. Because it is in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, it caters to thousands of commuters. Transportation is supported by the suburban rail service provided by rapid transit trains. They are known for their speed and cost-effectiveness. There are also 9 tram lines arriving every 10 minutes, apart from the underground line trains.

The Messe Frankfurt is just a 15-minute drive away from the Frankfurt Airport. It is one of the biggest airports in Germany. The airport covers more than 260 destinations across 100 countries. It also one of the busiest yet accessible airport in the whole of Germany.

The Messe Frankfurt is host to many international events. The International Motor Show (IAA Cars), International Horse-Riding Tournament, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, as well as concert tour by singer David Guetta, was hosted by Messe Frankfurt in the past. Consistently, the fair trade grounds also host the annual Frankfurt International Book Fair. It is the world’s largest and oldest book event in the world.

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