ReadersMagnet Review presents an empowering memoir by Margaret Moschak- My Alcoholic, My Love: My Love and Loss of an Alcoholic Husband.

There have been many memoirs about alcoholism and how it destroys a person’s life and dreams. We have seen different stories about anxiety, depression, guilt, and regret, but most of these narratives are from the point of view of the usual victims, the alcoholics themselves. Today, we will present another vantage point, a side that we don’t hear so often about how loved ones have to deal with an alcoholic family member.

Margaret Moschak’s My Alcoholic, My Love is a unique memoir on the consequences of alcoholism as it tackles the issue from a non-alcoholic’s perspective.

My Alcoholic, My Love: My Love and Loss of an Alcoholic Husband is the 2020 memoir written by Margaret Moschak. Her 230-page memoir is an outstanding account of how families with alcoholic family members often have to deal with their loved one’s anxiety, depression, rage, toxicity, and other issues. Writing about her own experience as a wife of an alcoholic, Margaret shares with her readers how her husband’s alcoholism has affected not only her well-being but, most importantly, her children’s. Her marriage to a person suffering from alcohol dependency is the darkest and most challenging chapter of her life. She had to struggle with her husband’s shortcomings as a partner and as a father. Furthermore, Margaret tried to remain strong and hold on to marriage because of society’s predominant thinking that the family should be preserved at all costs.

My Alcoholic, My Love, Margaret Moschak reveals to us the not-so-talked-about challenges and suffering that families, wives, husbands, children, and even friends and colleagues have to endure from alcoholic family members or loved ones. Moschak breaks the silence and finally reveals to the world that families of alcoholics are victims as well. That they too need rescuing and comfort, more so than their alcoholic loved ones. Margaret Moschak’s memoir is more than a personal account; it speaks for the many individuals who care so much for their alcoholic loved ones and finally found the courage to say enough.

My Alcoholic, My Love is a heartwarming reminder that we can always walk away from situations that deprive us of our dreams, happiness, and peace of mind.

“I realized I could not live with him but had to move to another city where he could not be in my life easily.”

My Alcoholic, My Love is takes us to Margaret’s life as a married woman and a mother suffering her husband’s alcoholism. Margaret builds up the experiences and the frustrations she had to endure for so long before leading readers to her ultimate decision- to free herself and her children from this toxic relationship. This is the highlight of Moschak’s heartwarming memoir.

In a bold and desperate move, Margaret Moschak decides to leave her husband and begin anew. And this decision is never easy. It takes a lot of courage, faith, and fortitude to finally break free and stand on our own, not only for our well-being but also for our children’s future. It is e memoir worth reading and an inspiration for all others who are suffering and still waiting to decide their fate.

About Margaret Moschak

Margaret Jackson Moschak is an author, former teacher, homemaker, and art lover. She belongs to a large family in northern New York. She attended the State University of New York at Albany, where she earned her M.A. Margarate Moschak once worked as a secretary in a welfare office. As a teacher, she taught high school, where she dedicated many years encouraging young students to read. Moschak also likes to spend her time working in local politics, managing an exhibiting art group, or simply interacting with people and searching out why people interact as they do with one another.

The energetic author now lives in Ithaca, New York, where she is currently a Taoist Tai Chi instructor. Margaret Moschack is blessed with three sons, a daughter, and five grandchildren. Apart from her memoir, she also published a children’s illustrated book titled, Different Drummers.

You can purchase Margaret Moschak’s books via Amazon and Barnes&Noble or visit her website today.