LaPrele Jordan is popular for the way she inspires and enhances the spirituality of readers through her words. Just last year, she published a work that centers on her experiences in embracing the Mormon faith and everything in between. Let us get to know more about this remarkable memoir that surely encourages and uplifts every reader.

My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey by LaPrele Jordan is a promising book containing the author’s spiritual journey. It was published by ReadersMagnet last August 2020. It talks about the time when Jordan became a Mormon, then a Johannine, as well as the moment that she returns to the Mormon faith in different amplitude. Hence, it revolves around molding faith and belief in Jesus, as well as the roller coaster ride that she followed to keep her integrity.

Have you experienced getting the feeling of being disappointed because the world or your faith didn’t live up to your expectations and beliefs? There is just something that doesn’t coincide, which leads to you questioning those aspects. Do you ever wonder if something is real or not? The 80-year-old author aims to help the readers learn more about spirituality through sharing her lifetime-worth of experiences of searching for truth and doing her best to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Jordan hopes that many will be inspired and guided by her personal account and apply their learning on their own quest for spiritual growth.

Thus, LaPrele Jordan’s My Spiritual Journey is the ideal book to check out on times where you feel the need to uplift your spiritual health. There are many substantial parts in the book that can bring you a great deal of understanding and awareness of the scripture and the truth that it brings. Sometimes it is the experience of others that can teach people to have faith and turn their life around.

About LaPrele Jordan

LaPrele was born and raised in a small town in Southern Utah. As a kid, she is already aware of the Mormon Church and she loved everything about it. Her father was knowledgeable in the scriptures and used his expertise in teaching LaPrele about everything she needs on crafting and strengthening her Mormon faith. While she was young, her father would tell her tales from the scripture and his spiritual experiences. All the teachings of her father meant so much to LaPrele and helped her every step of the way.

As she aged, she encountered multiple challenges and struggles but she did her best in keeping her integrity despite the adversities. Jordan got married and formed a big family whom she loved deeply. She had 10 beautiful kids whom she is very fond of. Unfortunately, she and her first husband got a divorce because of incompatibility. LaPrele found herself in a difficult situation for she was also sick during that time. But, her love for her family and faith in God didn’t fail her. She has always loved and valued her family, from her children to great-grandchildren. Although LaPrele was no longer part of the Mormon Church for 25 years, she couldn’t discuss a word about this matter with her loving family because of their strong affiliations with the Church.

Apart from her brilliant talent in writing and strong faith in God, she also found comfort in quilting due to her poor health.She made quilts for each of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As of now, she may have already painted at least 70 paintings. Moreover, My Spiritual Journey is not the only book that she authored for she also wrote different works focusing on family histories, which she gifted to her kids during Christmas.