ReadersMagnet Review features Neil C. Griffen and his published work, From Science to Spirituality.

Writing about science and spirituality takes a lot of wisdom and courage. After all, these two fundamental institutions have not been exactly the best of friends. Throughout history, science has been in a seemingly perpetual clash against the church and other religious institutions. Their opposing views on life, the origin of life, and many other questions make it difficult to unite them. Yet, there are those who have successfully combined science and spirituality in their attempts to answer many of these questions. One of them is a physicist and expert medium, Neil C. Griffen. Today, we will learn more about Neil Griffen’s book about Life through Science to Spirituality.

Neil C. Griffen: Physicists, Medium, and Spiritual Healer

Neil C. Griffen was born in Upstate New York. He was raised in a Christian family but had doubts about religious faith despite going along it early in his life. In college, Neil was introduced to Physics and saw it as a tool for answering his questions about God and other concepts vagued to him. He would eventually embrace the scientific principles which explained the mysteries around him.

Neil Griffen studied physics and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at Fredonia State University of New York, New York. Later, he also went to Pennsylvania State College, where he got his Master’s Degree in Physics. Griffen also served in the US Air Force for four years, including a year in Vietnam before his discharge. Griffen also holds a doctorate in Physics from Ohio State University.

In Ohio, Neil C. Griffen joined the First Spiritualist Church of Linden. Griffen was ordained by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in 1976. He later went on to serve as president of the Ohio State Spiritualist Church and a member of the National Board of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Griffen also was a member of Morris Pratt Institute. The Morris Pratt Institute is the educational arm of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Neil C Griffen is the pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Linden. Griffen conducted spiritual development classes that included channeling and mediumship development for more than two decades. His exposure to these churches has taught him many lessons and has helped him gained wisdom throughout the years.

Outside of his career as a pastor, Griffen worked on electromechanical products for Mettler-Toledo and LakeShore Cryotronics. As a physicist, he was awarded nine patents during his time at Mettler-Toledo and ten other patents at LakeShore Cryotronics. His teaching career includes spending years at DeVry University in Columbus, Ohio, where he taught Math and Physics. Griffen focused on lecturing, teaching, healing, mediumship, and channeling. 

Neil C. Griffen: Author of From Science to Spirituality

In 2010, Neil C. Griffen released what would become one of the revolutionary works on science and spirituality. The book is aptly titled “From Science to Spirituality. It is part memoir and part scientific research. Griffen’s high-level understanding of physics plus sensitivity to spiritual influences allowed him to write this book. Griffen has a unique ability to articulate valuable insights not possible by looking at science and spirituality separately. In his book, Griffen shares his insights on science and religion. Griffen believes that these two fundamental institutions are not at odds with each other. On the contrary, Griffen states that ‘there is significant data to support the benefits of using scientific insights when analyzing spiritual issues, and this includes the often volatile debate regarding the existence of one God’. 

Neil C. Griffen’s From Science to Spirituality is more than just one man’s journey through science and spirituality but is also a wonderful inspiration for those who seek answers to many questions about life, our existence, origin, and our true purpose in this whole journey.

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