ReadersMagnet Review revisits Neil Griffen’s work on God and spirituality.

In the past months, we have featured articles about author Neil Griffen as well as his published book From Science to Spirituality. Published in January 2010, the book is a part journal and part scientific research that shows readers that it is possible for science and spirituality to work together and answer many of life’s long-standing questions. In his book, Griffen guides his readers into appreciating both the scientific process and spiritual enlightenment as tools to reach higher learning and more meaningful existence. By sharing his own experiences and insights on specific scientific method and his journey as a medium, spiritual healer, Pastor, and active church-worker, Griffen provides many perspectives and realities for his readers on science and spiritual life. Today, we will revisit his work and take a look at Griffen’s God and spirituality based on his works.

Neil Griffen and the Journey towards God and Spirituality

Neil Griffen became involved in spiritual healing and became a medium while he was still a college student. In 1976, he was ordained by the Nationalist Spiritualist Association of Churches. Founded in 1893, it is one of the oldest and perhaps one of the largest Spiritualist Churches organizations in the whole of the United States. Griffen went on to become the president of the Ohio State Spiritualist Association of Churches. He has been a member of Morris Pratt Institute, which is the educational arm of the NSAC. For twenty years, Neil Griffen served as the Pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Linden. In his term, he conducted spiritual development classes, including channeling and mediumship development.

Neil Griffen’s many years of experience and involvement in the Nationalist Spiritualist Association of Churches is more than enough to say that his spiritual life is well-grounded and deeply rooted. Among the many features of NSAC is their Declaration of Principles, which promotes the truths of religion both as a spiritual and practical guide.

As a successful physicist, Neil Griffen has deep knowledge about the scientific process and science’s fundamental laws. For a long time, Neil turned to science to seek the answers to many of life’s questions. It would be later in his life that he would experience how science also would help renew his faith in religion and spirituality.

Neil Griffen: From Science to Spirituality

In fact, there is significant data to support the benefits of using scientific insights when analyzing spiritual issues, and this includes the often volatile debate regarding the existence of one God. From the scientific method to the fundamentals of the laws of motion, from a study of the atom to psychic photons, genetics, and the argument against evolution, the author guides readers through a fascinating process of questioning that which is known and that which is believed. “(excerpt from the book description, From Science to Spirituality)

Eventually, this whole journey of religion to science to spirituality would become the basis of his 2010 masterpiece From Science to Spirituality. The book becomes a sort of memoir of Neil Griffen’s long journey from the days of his childhood inquisitiveness about faith to his journey as a scientist and a brilliant mind to his years as a spiritual healer, medium, and spiritual teacher or educator. The highlight of his book is the recognition that science and spirituality are two complimenting forces necessary for us to understand our existence and to live a more serene and meaningful life.

Overall, Neil Griffen’s view on God and spirituality is rooted in practicality. In one of his interviews, he reveals that God and science are pretty much the same to him. Science and God’ knows everything, past, and future.’

To know more about Neil Griffen and his work, grab a copy of his book, or check out his website today.