Plenty of protests have defined 2020 as fighting for racial injustice and climate strikes; these are not just repeated past troubles. These are new developments in humanity’s fight for freedom and people’s rights. History is filled with significant figures who shaped the nation’s history. These heroes and heroines paved the way for the awareness of these injustices in life. Carl E. Moyler’s On Freedom and Revolt compares and dissects the work of two amazing men who made tremendous differences in the world you live in. 

On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation

On Freedom and Revolt was published in 2015, presenting readers the valiant contributions of man to society. This is Moyler’s book on A Comparative Investigation of two influential figures, Albert Camus and Martin Luther King, Jr. These two men are known for their fight and service to humanity. They fight not for themselves but for everyone who has to suffer tyranny, oppression, injustice, freedom, and change. Camus and King dedicated their lives to fighting for human rights. The author takes the legacy of both powerful and inspiring men forward in this book. 

The author, Carl E. Moyler, sheds light on the problems that plague society then and now, such as poverty, war, racism, injustice, and tyranny. He explores these critical issues in society through the eyes of the philosopher Albert Camus and activist Martin Luther King Jr. On Freedom and Revolt compares these two men from their writings to the era they were in. However, despite their difference, the two share a common concern for the common man. Camus and King shared a refusal to remain silent in the face of injustice. They use their talents and voice to confront the evils of their particular time. Unlike other activists, these two Nobel Prize winners use writing to motivate people to fight for civil rights in a nonviolent way. Their response to the injustices was a revolt for freedom. They both became beacons of the moral conscience of thousands of people of all ages. 

On Freedom and Revolt takes the socially and politically conscious to the heart and mind of these two amazing men and their struggles with injustice. This book raises profiles on the struggles against injustice in the different parts of the world. This will motivate readers to uplift the morals of men and women alike. This book entails all the virtues and aspirations a nation could ask for at these turbulent times. 

Through Moyler’s comparison of Camus and King, readers will discover the true essence of justice and freedom, inspire love and service to humankind, and fight for a more humane society. Readers will be enthused to find desire in making changes to the lives of humankind in order to lighten the dark places of the world. 

About Carl E. Moyler

Carl E. Moyler was born in Newport News, Virginia, but is currently residing in Dayton, Ohio. He grew up in a big family with eight children. Dr. Moyler is a high school teacher, high school principal, school supervisor of curriculum, program educator, university professor, author, and entrepreneur. However, these are not only his accomplishments in life; he has plenty more under his name. He majored in foreign languages at the West Virginia State University. He was also later elected Alumnus of the Year in 2007. He earned his Master’s Degree in French from Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland, Ohio. Furthermore, he holds a Ph.D. Comparative Literature from the Union Institute/University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a small business founder and president/CEO of The Don Pablo Academy of World Languages and Mathematics Tutoring K-12.