ReadersMagnet Review features Oscar, The Mighty Crab, an ocean adventure children’s book by Penny Higgins.

Penny Higgins is among the young generation of children’s book authors who have recently made a name for themselves these past few years. We have featured several articles about her and her collection of children’s illustrated books. Today, we will reintroduce Penny Higgins through one of her famous works- Oscar, The Mighty Crab.

Oscar, The Mighty Crab is the latest children’s illustrated book by author Penny Higgins. It was published in 2018 and is her third work to date. Like her previous works, There’s a Bear in My Bed (2010) and The Jiger and the Tiraffe (2011), Penny Higgins employs anthropomorphism in her book. This time Higgins chose to feature marine animals and marine life.

Oscar, The Mighty Crab is a short story of a young crab that lives in the ocean bay. Despite living in the bay with his family, relatives, and best friend Crusty Tom, Oscar still feels that the bay is boring. He longs to be out there on the surface and explore the dry land or the “upper world” where humans inhabit. The world of humans has always amazed Oscar. The new discoveries, the wonders alien to him, and the bright lure of the bright lights from amusement rides and the carnival has always fascinated the young crab. Despite Tom’s repeated warnings for him not to leave the safety of their heaven, Oscar often rides to see the surface. For him, it’s always an adventure, and he’s secretly hoping he could stay. However, the waves often hurl him back out in the bay.

Oscar, The Mighty Crab follows young Oscar on his way to a wonderful discovery—the surface world. On his journey, he and some friends experience the excitement of a carnival and its amusement rides. At the surface, what splendor! Oscar considers staying, but his best friend, Crusty Tom, advises him to stay home where he is safe and loved by his Mom and Dad.

Channeling the curious minds of the little ones, Higgins truly brings a treat in Oscar, The Mighty Crab. With this quick underwater adventure, young readers will surely have their curious and imaginative minds tickled at every turn of the page! — Synopsis, Oscar, the Mighty Crab

Penny Higgins showcases the sport of crabbing and what it might be like through the perspective of a young crab named Oscar The theme of animals longing for new places and paradise-like worlds is a familiar theme in fairy tales but not in short stories, especially modern ones. Adapting this classic storyline in a quickly illustrated storybook makes Oscar The Mighty Crab a refreshing modern kid’s literature. Similar to her earlier works, Penny Higgins has mastered her own brand of rhythmic and sing-song manner. This showcases Higgin’s love for poetry.

 “Oscar, The Mighty Crab” takes young readers to a colorful marine adventure filled with interesting characters, majestic sceneries, and a quick underwater adventure. The book is recommended for babies and children up to 12 years old.

About Penny Higgins

Penny Higgins is a retired teacher and a children’s book writer from Oregon. Penny Higgins graduated with a teaching degree from Oregon College of Education, now known as the Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon. Aside from Oscar, The Mighty Crab, she is also the author of two other children’s books; There’s a Bear in My Bed (2010) and The Jiger and the Tiraffe (2011)Higgins lives with her husband, Larry, in a small retirement community in Oregon. Higgins has two children, five grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. 

To know more about Penny Higgins and her collection of children’s illustrated books, you can buy copies of her books or visit her website today.