Brenda Wilson

ISBN 978-1-947765-16-0

February 23 2018

“Beautifully written! A great, fast read, that will make you want to be a believer!” – Lori R. Moots-Clair

“Compile in these pages are true stories penned by an author who always remembered when God touched her heart. These are the short storied you will never forget.” – Foreword by Bud Wilson.

Peeking through the Pearlies is a book written by Brenda Wilson. Published in 2017, it is a collection of 10 short stories. Each story is unique in the sense that each is a recollection a specific miraculous day in her life and each with a specific lesson. Peeking through the Pearlies hopes readers to look past everyday situations and see miracles happening in these seemingly ordinary moments.

At home with the Pearlies

Brenda Wilson wrote Peeking through the Pearlies a year before her other book, Do You See What I See? (2019) was published. These are both compilations of brief inspiring stories. Each story featured in Peeking through the Pearlies has a 400-500 word count, with the exception of Out of the Mouths of Bug (the story has the longest word count- 1,857 words). All real-life stories in Peeking were written in the first-person perspective. While her other work featured various outdoor locations such as Mexico, vacation trips outside Missouri and the rest of the Midwest, Peeking features a more intimate setting- the Wilson home. Mrs. Wilson takes us through various times in her past and starting each story with a climate description or detailing a particular season for that day. So despite writing only 10 stories, it makes up for a journey.

The author is a consistent storyteller. Brenda Wilson writes each story in surprise details. Few self-published authors can deliver an inspiring story with such brevity and vividness. All stories featured in Peeking through the Pearlies are written in a very orderly and sequenced manner. Each paragraph is bereft of nuances and unnecessary segues. In short, each line is concise and contributed to the making of a pleasant narrative.

However, Mrs. Brenda Wilson’s anthology is not without a few issues. Despite the beautifully crafted stories, the collection is rather short. While we desire a light read and avoid inspirational works that require readers to from their emotional repositories, we expected Peeking through Pearlies to be made up of more than 10 short narratives. The last story- Hole in My Head, Lump in My Breast somehow left us hanging. Despite the inspiration and warmth that it brings, I believe Peeking through the Pearlies is yet to come full circle.

Overall, Peeking through the Pearlies’ collection of short stories by author Brenda Wilson is a brief but beautiful read. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and brevity. There is lesson at the end of each story and at the end of the book is an appreciation of life and it every day miracles. ReadersMagnet Reviews happily recommends this book.

Brenda Wilson is a nurse, a wife, and mother. She is also the author of another book Do You See What I See. Both are published by ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing. ReadersMagnet offers publishing and book marketing services.

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