ReadersMagnet Review features Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart, an inspirational work by Teresa Dye.

Teresa Dye is a poet, mother, wife, and author of Poetry to Live By. Today, we will take a closer look at Dye’s book about love and inspiration, and in the process, get to know more about her as well.

Teresa Dye’s debut book is a light read that covers many themes about love, life, faith, and the countless emotions and experiences we encounter in our journeys.

Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart was published in January 2020. It is Teresa Dye’s first published work. Drawing her inspiration from her own experiences and observations, the sixty-eight-page collection of poetry and personal verses invites us to look at life with renewed zest and devotion to God. In this heartwarming book, Dye shares her thoughts and emotions on various topics and themes, including love, faith, life, motherhood, struggles, determination, losses, triumphs, womanhood, and many other experiences that have made her whole.

“Some have said that love is just a silly game that people play. But when we fall in love, we want it to last forever, always.”

As a woman, who encountered man challenges and victories in life, including becoming a mother at such a young age, a failed marriage, and having a second chance at love, Teresa Dye is not your everyday poet with a debut poetry book. She speaks deeply and writes with a passion not just for self-expression but also for devotion and inspiration. Her poetry communicates with readers and invites them to embrace life’s moments- the joy, loneliness, anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, love, and the future that lay ahead.

There are poetry books, and then there’s Teresa Dye’s surprisingly beautiful collection of mini-narratives, Poetry to Live By.

Teresa Dye’s poetry book is not all love and verses that romanticize life. It is also grounded in reality. It speaks about encounters that are too real to be ignored. These are experiences that Teresa Dye also shares with people like her.

“Is it because I’m Black that I have to take test that don’t pertain to me but the rest? Is it because I’m Black that I have to be better than the best?”

Readers will find the book also full of realizations, wisdom, and awakenings. Social realities are also personal realities, and they shape every man, woman, child, and person on this Earth. Poetry to Live By is also a documentation of the poet’s voice and triumph against adversities created by society.

Overall, Teresa Dye’s debut book is quite a masterpiece- compelling, comprehensive, and sincere through and through.

About Teresa Dye

Teresa Evonne Brown (Teresa Dye) was born on July 21, 1957. Her parents were William and Lilly Brown. The couple produced nine children, six girls and three boys, and Teresa is the third child. 

Teresa was only two years old when her family decided to move to Twin Lake, Michigan. She spent her childhood there and stayed there until she finished from Whitehall Schools. Lilly Brown single-handedly raised Teresa and her other siblings. She raised them on welfare as William was kind of in and out of their lives. Lilly played the role of both mother and father to all her kids and raised them well.

When she was only eighteen years old, Teresa married Wayne Knox. Their union gave them two beautiful daughters, TaMara and Lavonda Knox. The couple divorced after 15 years, and Teresa took her children. To survive, Teresa had to juggle three jobs and school at night. As a Jehovah’s Witness, Teresa’s faith kept her strong and determined to see brighter days ahead.

She met and then married Robert Dye. They have been married for fourteen years now. They enjoy the blessings of a blended family with three daughters, two sons, five granddaughters, three grandsons, and a great-granddaughter.

You can purchase Teresa Dye’s debut book, Poetry to Live by on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. You can also visit her author’s website for more details and updates about her and the book.