Pony Ride to an Awakening is a unique spiritual memoir and guidebook by Hedin E. Daubenspeck.

Human beings are spiritual beings, regardless of their faith, religion, beliefs, and practices. But not all of us have the same spiritual journey. Some are not yet even aware or conscious of their spiritual experiences and encounters. But it does not mean that they are not real or it’s something we haven’t experienced yet. Today, we will take a closer look at a spiritual book by Hedin Daubenspeck titled Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic and learn more about spiritual encounters through his personal stories and narratives about spiritual awakening, transformation, and experiences.

Hedin E. Daubenspeck chronicles his spiritual journey beginning with his childhood up to the present and sharing with us some of the experiences we may encounter as we navigate life.


Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic is, first and foremost, a personal work. In his memoir, Hedin E. Daubenspeck shares his mystical awakening and transformation into a total expanse of consciousness. His spiritual journey has led him to describe a number of spiritual experiences we’ve had during our early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and mature years. According to Daubenspeck, spiritual encounters may take place during retirement unto renunciation and even consciousness beyond death. The book consists mainly of Hedin E. Daubenspeck’s personal stories covering spiritual encounters, psychic, and otherworldly experiences. 

“My mother was also psychic and consulted an intuitive from time to time to confirm her own knowing (This was especially true when my oldest brother was in Vietnam). Like my mother and my grandmother, I’ve had psychic abilities all my life. As a child, I thought everyone had these kinds of abilities. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I was different from other people.” – Hedin E.Daubenspeck.

Hedin E. Daubenspeck’s spiritual journey and awareness started at a very young age, which explains his vast knowledge and wisdom of various religions, faith, denominations, and mysteries. They are all part of his amazing book.

Pony Ride to an Awakening proves to be an outstanding read because it promotes the idea that no single religion holds the answers to all of life’s questions and because it is written in a way that is easy to absorb.


By sharing his narrative, Mr. Daubenspeck takes us on a journey of our own spiritual awakening as well. The book’s passages are rich with beliefs, philosophies, and practices. The book allows us to discover spiritual encounters that have happened to us through Hedin’s narratives. This is the part where Hedin E. Daubenspeck’s Pony Ride to an Awakening serves as a guidebook, especially for beginners who are still in the early stage of their spiritual journey.

We are all spiritual beings, and by sharing some of his psychic experiences and stories, including those of his family, Hedin E. Daubenspeck hopes that they may guide readers. Whether you are just starting your journey or already a seasoned spiritual teacher, finding some similar experiences help reinforce the trust in these encounters as real and not imagined. 

Overall, Hedin E. Daubenspeck and his book, Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, reiterate that we all come from the Spirit and will all return to the Spirit. Communicating with the Spirit and being conscious of our spirituality will provide us with guidance, wisdom, and vision, especially during difficult and confusing times of our lives.


You can purchase Debin E. Daubenspeck’s Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic via Amazon or by visiting his official author’s website today.