ReadersMagnet recommends these guidebooks to help us nourish our body and spirit in these times of adversity.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra 2011

Deepak Chopra is a leading figure in the world of integrative medicine and personal transformation. He is the author of more than 80 books translated in over 40 languages around the world. Among his famous works is the 2011 spiritual guide The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. In this book, Dr. Chopra introduces the seven laws to transform your life into one that is filled with contentment, purpose, and joy. According to Chopra, we can achieve the life we want only if we apply the laws that govern all of creation. These natural laws are all around us and we need only to understand its wisdom and apply its secrets. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success promises to be an insightful and enlightening read, to say the least.

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God by Marianna Albritton

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God is a powerful guidebook by Albritton, Marianna. It is a book that hopes to guide readers in seeking and building a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. For Marianna Albritton, Jesus Christ is the only one who can satisfy our spiritual hunger. That is the reason why Albritton invites everyone to know more about Jesus Christ as more than a prominent figure in history. She encourages all to view Christ as someone who can have a profound effect on our lives and in everything we hoped to achieve. Come Climb Toward God is a book that is written in such a way that readers can appreciate the value of embracing life with and for Jesus Christ. 

Books That Build Character by William Kilpatrick, Gregory Wolfe, Suzanne M. Wolfe, and Robert Coles 

More than twenty years since it was first published, Books That Build Characters continue to influence and guide thousands of readers in upholding good virtues and moral values. The book is a collection of over 300 stories covering different genres including classic, contemporary fiction, science fiction, myths, fantasy, legends, Bible stories, and even biographies, all compiled to teach and remind readers about what is right and wrong, the distinction between good and evil. Books That Build Character is a timeless classic that has inspired people to always choose the correct decisions. That stories in the book feature unforgettable characters with strong moral fiber that readers can draw inspiration from. It is a book for readers of various age brackets. It is a book that deserves a place in every bookshelf.

A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence: Get Smart about Emotion by David Walton 

David Walton is known for his science fiction novels including Terminal Mind (2008), Quintessence Sky (2013), Superstition (2015), and The Genius Plague (2017). However, for those who have known David Walton and his early works, they are more familiar with his self-guide books. One of these books is the 2012 guide book A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence: Get Smart about Emotion. In this book, Walton invites his readers to seek improvement in their personal and professional relationships by learning ‘a range of mental skills’ that promises to equip readers with the capacity to manage themselves and others as well. According to Walton, when you learn to control and read body language, you will learn to objectively deal with others, which is a great advantage in pursuing success daily. It is a guidebook that promises to benefit both your physical and psychological self.

  The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters by Mark Nepo May 2020

One of the latest guide books to rake in positive reviews is Mark Nepo’s The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters. Published early this year, the book provides a guide to living a life that is free and serene. According to Nepo, after our physical birth, we must be reborn again spiritually. It is a process that would require time and struggle, as pursuing a fully realized version of ourselves can be laborious. The book is divided into four sections that tackle the spiritual paradigm of the transformation mentioned above. Nepo claims that we must discover Our True Inheritance in order ‘to live in the open by Widening Our Circle as we Help each Other Stay Awake. The Book of Soul is full of discoveries, lessons, and even surprises. No wonder it has caught the attention of many book experts these past few months.