People of Distinction with Al Cole features Gregory McLeod. Mcleod is the author of the book The Apathetical Man.

In this 18-minute radio interview, Gregory McLeod shares to Al Cole his encounter with drugs and alcohol. He imparts to listeners his journey towards spiritual healing and true happiness.

Early Years: Alcoholism and Drug Use

The interview began with Gregory sharing his encounter with alcohol and drugs. Born December 25, 1964, Gregory started early on alcohol. At age 13, Gregory began using and selling drugs in school. He often hung out with older people. It did not take long before Gregory became a full-blown drug addict and an alcoholic. As the years passed by his addiction grew worse. He tried to quit only to find himself in and out of the rehab. Gregory McLeod even did jail time. He suffered severe depression and considered suicide. Gregory began to lose hope and thought of living the rehab once again. It was at this moment that his counselor challenge Gregory to ask himself what is it that he really wanted to achieve and what does he truly need.

Radio Interview with Al Cole Featuring Gregory McLeod.

The Apathetical Man: Gregory’s Spiritual Journey

Author Gregory McLeod revealed that he derived the book’s title from when he was still doing drugs. He noted that during that period in his life, he felt like he was a dead man walking. He was numb and it was only when he did drugs or alcohol that he felt alive.

It was during his 10th rehab stint that Gregory McLeod made a conscious decision to finally break free from a life of suffering and abuse. Gregory narrated a life-changing incident involving a pastor. The said pastor confronted Gregory and asked him what he wanted to happen and how the rehab can help him. It was at this point that he realized that his seemingly never-ending battle with drugs was brought by his detachment to God. He finally recognized that his struggle was more spiritual rather than the physical.

Gregory shared that he finally grew tired of the old lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. He also grew tired of observing people, both young and old, continuously used drugs, abused their bodies, steal, and sell their valuables in exchange for drugs. Gregory emphasized the huge importance of spiritual awakening in our lives.


Along with this realization, Gregory decided to work hard on his rehabilitation and strictly followed the 12 steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). He also acknowledged the impact of his small group at the rehab. Gregory attended group meetings headed by a pastor during his time at the rehab and this greatly helps with his rehabilitation process.

McLeod’s Redemption and Paying It Forward

Veteran host Al Cole also shared his opinion about drugs and redemption. He emphasized the role of parents in sheltering their young away from the destructive nature of drugs and alcohol. Cole believes that family and a healthy support system is crucial in keeping the family safe and intact.

While the road to his spiritual healing proved to be long and arduous (it took 10 rehab stint before Greg met the pastor in his book), McLeod recounts that it was very rewarding. Gregory McLeod has been clean and sober now for more than 12 years. Aside from this inspirational book, Gregory also shares his story to others who are suffering or on their way to rehabilitation. Al Cole’s interview with McLeod is educational and inspiring.

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