Two fellow Rhode Islanders engage in a thoughtful conversation about building a true relationship with God.

“We understand that religion is a big part of our lives. Relationship is a big part of our lives,” radio host Al Cole from CBS told Al Cole-Holics in a recent episode of his nationally syndicated radio talk show People of Distinction. He, however, acknowledges, that making both religion and relationship work is sometimes not easy. His recent guest, 85-year-old author Patricia Mitola, offered her perspective, as well as her story of how she came to accept the Lord as her personal savior.

Patricia Mitola defines true relationship with God

Patricia is the author of the book Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit (Xulon Press; 2017). “The purpose of this book is to clarify your walk with God,” said the author in the prologue of her book, “and to build you up to the faith that we speak and the desire is to guide your studies of God’s Word toward a real relationship and not just works or activities, and toward being led by the spirit of God.”

Throughout her guesting on People of Distinction, Patricia was enthusiastic about telling Al Cole and the Al Cole-Holics about building a true relationship with God. She didn’t only tell what and how it looks like but also shares stories of how God had worked in her life through the Holy Spirit.

People of Distinction with Al Cole featuring Patricia Mitola.

But Patricia wasn’t always spiritual. Like many Christians before receiving Jesus Christ, she was wrapped in the trappings of religion. 

“I was born in a family that was religious and we went to church every Sunday,” the author told Al Cole. “After a while, there were troubles with my dad with somebody so he quit going. But I’d always been taught to read the Bible and go to church, and that God is real and you need to pray to Him. That was a lot on my life but it’s not that I just did it all the time. It was only at certain times.”

Years later when she was engaged, Patricia accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior after her mother-in-law asked her a momentous question. From there on, she was all about experiencing God through the Holy Spirit, building a true relationship with Him, and carrying out her ministry through Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit.

“My book was written because there’s a lot of people who have been raised in a religion, no matter what the name of it is,” said Patricia, “but there is no relationship with God, except when there’s trouble or something.

“But the Lord has brought me through a life that He made it clear that your relationship with Him is somebody you live with. Your Holy Spirit lives within you if you accepted the Lord Jesus as your savior and want to live for Him. The Holy Spirit moves into your life. Nobody ever told me that but what it does is it opens up a relationship like your family and He is with you all the time. Everything you want to do, everything He leads you to do, and you’re not just alone with religious belief system inside your body and in your mind.”

For Patricia, a true personal relationship with God is about getting the Lord involved in your life as if He’s someone you live within your family. He may not be physically present but He’s there and He lets you know it.

“He’s your heavenly father who lives with you through the Holy Spirit in your own body… He is a gentleman and will not force Himself into your life. Only as you invite Him to be involved in your life.”

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