People of Distinction with Benji Cole (son of Al Cole from CBS Radio) features Hedin Daunbenspeck, the author of the book “Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic”.

A little about Hedin

I’m an old farm boy, grew up in Oklahoma, always been close to nature, turned 70 last week. I dedicated my life to spiritual development. My book is partly autobiographical and part informational. I wanted my book to be an encyclopedia to conscious- a guidebook to reality. I’ve lived a lifetime, spending 14 years in the library in 19 years of education. Between books and education, I’ve learned a lot of facts about consciousness and spirituality, but nowhere in my reading or research did I find a how-to book. What’s the process? After this dedication of effort, I decided to write my first book as a guidebook on the process.

We are indoctrinated as children through our family with religious dogma- but something inside of us is restless, it’s speaking. We’re living according to the expectations of the world, but something inside us wants to be free to fulfill a purpose that we cannot fulfill, which is to be free.

ReadersMagnet Radio Interview Benjie Cole featuring Hedin Daubenspeck

How the title holds significance to the message 

You know, I was a farm boy, went to the nearest Protestant church and was indoctrinated. When I was 13, I was out riding my pony in the meadow, and I had experienced ecstasy – a spiritual experience that gave me the freedom to trust my inner voice, made me realize that God is watching me, and that God and I are one. 

The inspiration behind the book 

I got a phone call about six years ago from the president of the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, and I was asked to join the master’s program. I was 64 years old, and I decided to join. In the program for consciousness studies, like every graduate level, there was much writing required- from psychology, philosophy, to religion. I had to dig down deep within myself, find those experiences, and write about them. It was very healing and cathartic for me to write about these, and I now realize that my stories aren’t really that different from what other people are going through right now.

How readers could benefit from the book

I spent a lifetime, over thirty thousand hours in the library, studying spiritual information like Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, etc. I had learned many facts about the wisdom of the world, and that was my desire- to learn all of the knowledge that the world can bestow upon me. After a lifetime of self-learning, I realized that we need a book that describes what we might experience in our personal spiritual experience. I wrote my book to be descriptive of spiritual awakenings. 

Some tips from Hedin on how to approach a spiritual journey

We often hear that if you study one good book, we could reach enlightenment. Sometimes we think maybe the bible could be the book, but sometimes it could be so symbolic and difficult to interpret. But in my book, I offer practices, philosophies, experiences, mediation techniques- you know, the most important path towards enlightenment begins with trusting yourself. You have a higher voice and must listen to it. 

Something Hedin didn’t expect when embarking upon this journey

You know, I’ve known for a considerable time, that consciousness continues after death. My dad passed away ten years ago, he was 103. He was a fatalist- he thought that when we die, we close the door, and it’s all over. Surprisingly, after my father’s passing, he and I started having conversations. I could hear him, and he could hear me, and he was quite surprised that his consciousness continued. We enjoyed having our conversations, and he realized that his belief during his lifetime was simply wrong. That was a surprise for me, to have that experience. 

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