America Tonight with Kate Delaney features the author of “Come Climb Toward God”, Marianna Albritton

In this 3-and-a-half-minute interview, Marianna discusses her 50 plus years of involvement in the church as a bible study teacher. She receives positive feedback and praise from doing so and talks about a few topics from her book as well as her inspiration behind its conception.

The source of Marianna’s joy, her positive feedback from the community, and how she came to write her book:

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Marianna Albritton.

In this portion, Marianna expresses her contentedness and joy stemming from her flowing connection and relationship with Jesus. After having taught various bible study subjects every week at her local church for over fifty years, she has had a multitude of churchgoers praise her lessons and wisdom,- particularly the ones involving the pursuit of getting to know God better, having a personal relationship with Him and recognizing His calling to come closer to Him. “This study has helped me more than any other study that we’ve had”, Marianna recalls hearing from many of her bible study attendees. 

Following the success, her sister-in-law had urged her to write a book. Other members of the community had begun to say the same thing, believing that the wisdom she teaches is worth publishing for all to experience and learn from.

The truth behind ‘the hunger for God’

“In every person, there’s a vacuum, there’s a hole that only God can fill. People feel this hunger but don’t know what it is, so they begin searching- they need a way to discover what this hunger means, and to come to the realization that this is God trying to get in touch and me, have fellowship with me, and have a relationship with me. Most people don’t know what to do with it or how to respond. I’m hoping that this book could get out there into the world and answer this question.”

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