America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Greg Van Arsdale, the author of the book Beyond Mere Belief.

In this interview, Kate Delaney interviews author Greg Van Arsdaleas he talks about why and how he came to understand the nature of reality beyond mere belief. 

This book is for those who have ever questioned the answers the Church gives regarding the soul, spirit, salvation, sin, heaven, hell, God, and the like. The Church is not wrong in these matters, just not educated on the latest developments in science that lead to better answers. If pressed, the Church either states “just believe” or “we’re not supposed to understand” or it tends toward metaphors to explain crucial concepts we really need to fully understand before the End of Time. Many people will say we already know all there is to know. This is wrong on so many levels! It was said of science in the 1600s and even the early 1900s, and yet we keep on learning new things. Daniel chapter 12 states that knowledge will increase. 

This increase in knowledge is for a reason: so that we can finally understand what is meant in the deeper Biblical passages. The Bible is not a black book never meant to be understood. We were always intended to go beyond the analogies even Jesus used. Jesus used analogies and metaphors to get His message across to a simple, uneducated people. Our knowledge has grown since then—and this is not by accident. It has evolved, driven by design so that we can now know, in very certain terms, what the Bible means.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Greg Van Arsdale

The Beginning

Greg grew up with a religious background. As he asked questions about what he was being taught, he was just told that he wasn’t supposed to understand it, and just to believe it. This stuck a wrong chord in his life, and as he got into science, he realized that science has its own version of “just believe”- which is called “quantum weirdness”. As Greg developed the duel energy concept, he could answer both in science and in Christianity. In science, we no longer have to be chained to the notion of “just believe”, and this has been the cornerstone of Greg’s entire career.

“From a very young age, I felt that my purpose in life is to explain things. That’s why I went into physics to begin with, because I like learning how things work. That’s why I became a teacher because I love teaching. By doing this, I’m able to complete my purpose in life. I am at peace with being able to express this, finally, in written form.”

How people react when they read his book

Greg’s book gets more feedback from the younger generation rather than that of older ones. 

“Mainly I get my main reaction from the younger audience. The older people, like the professors that I talk to, there rather invested into the old concept. They were taught what they were taught back in the day and stuck with itThe young kids coming out of college, they’re hungry for that knowledge. Millennials really want to understand what’s going on, and they have lots of questions about religion, spirituality, and science.”

What Greg wants his readers to take from his book

Insight into the soul is one thing that readers can gain from this. When he talks to his highly intelligent colleagues about the soul or salvation, they ask him “What is this all? Where is it?” What Greg did with his book is that he wrote it in a way the people can understand, using physical, tactical terms to differentiate the soul, spirit, salvation, and more. Greg even attempts to explain the nature of God and what He has shown to us and Greg concludes that these types of questions are what the readers may take away from the book- instilling them with the necessary curiosity to ask the proper questions.

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