America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Keith Corman. Keith is the author of the book Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad.

In this 12 minute interview, Keith Corman discusses railroad safety, the significance of freight trains in our daily lives, its impact on commerce and the economy, and its importance in modern society. Aside from this, Keith discusses the characters of the book

Trains, the importance of railroad safety, and the significance of trains in modern society

In this portion, Keith tells Kate Delaney about how children at the age of innocence may not see trains as a potential threat and may think of them of toys- the railroad workers and train operators know this fact all too well- the dangers of fast-moving machinery are real and ever-present.

Keith proceeds to discuss the common lack of awareness of many individuals towards the impact and importance of the railroad industry in the roots of society and its implications on modern-day commerce and economics.

“80 percent of what we have was most likely shipped through rail at one point, and more so yet today with the new restrictions on truck drivers and trucking, and the lack of interest in driving long distances has created a hardship on the trucking industry- many of them are really going out of business even. This is because, the focus has been, for the past 30 or 40 years, to replace rail with a truck. Each one of them has the potential to contribute to the growth of our country and we can’t do without one or the other,” Keith explains.

On ‘Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad’ and railroad history

Keith talks about how his family loves cats and how cats are inquisitive. Keith, knowing that cats are loveably cute and naturally curious, believed it would fit right in with his child-friendly book railroad safety book. The educational aspect of the storytelling, making it a positive and enjoyable experience for the whole family, and the importance of the lessons are touched upon. He then proceeds to discuss railroad history and the cultural and historical significance of the railroad industry. Kate and Keith relate with each other in the sense that they both had difficulty sleeping growing up due to living near trains.

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