America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Michelle Colombo, the author of the book “The First Time I Encountered My Guardian Angel”.

In this interview, Kate Delaney interviews author Michelle Colombo as she talks about how she discovered and began interacting with her guardian angel, and she discusses the course of her life leading up to the monumental discovery as well as the implications it had on her life.

“This is a true story of my life and how I was born with a gift from God. It wasn’t until later I was awakened that I realized I had these gifts. I didn’t know anyone like me. I knew that I had always had someone talking in my right ear since the age of six. I would call it my intuition.”

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Michelle Colombo.

How it all began

After the death of her father at nine years old, she had her first encounter with her guardian angel. 

Michelle knew that she had this gift from a very young age- she was born with it. She knew she was different growing up because she would have dreams about things before they even happened. Since the age of five or six, there would be a soft voice that whispers to her in her right ear that tells her things about the future.

At nine years old, she encountered her guardian angel for the first time. She had a dream that her father had died- he was gone on vacation in Ohio visiting her brothers or a couple of months, just to get away. Michelle woke up that morning to the news that her father truly did pass, and her young mind couldn’t explain the phenomenon. She told her mom about it, and in disbelief, her mother told her that her dad is alright in Ohio and that everything is fine. The book explains that, at this point, she had gone out to be alone, and that’s when she encountered the first apparition of her guardian angel. 

“It was like somebody was standing right next to me reassuring me that dad was really gone. The voice spoke to me, telling me that I needed to tell my mom not to go into work tomorrow and that I need to sit down with her tonight by the phone, explain to her what I have been told, and then she will receive the phone call confirming dad’s passing.” 

Michelle explains that she keeps hearing this reassuringly soft voice explain to her that her father is gone, and her mother, a strong Christian woman who has had her fair share of encounters with angels and heavenly beings, takes her word on it. Sure enough, the call came through, and mother and child both knew at that point that a guardian angel been present. 

“The Bible’s full of supernatural stories, especially the New Testament’s miracle healing stories as well as the apostle’s encounters with angels. The angels are present all throughout the Bible- they’re real, they’re here for you and me, to assist us, and that’s what I’m here to testify today.”

Advice from Michelle

“Get in your Bible!” says Michelle. “People are lost and they don’t know what to do, especially with all the confusion and turmoil in today’s present time with this coronavirus pandemic and whatnot. It’s all in the Bible. The New Testament talks of plagues and sores- God is known to do this, and this isn’t the first or last time it will happen. If you’re lost, open your Bible. Acknowledge the angels. God gave his people these guardians, and they play a significant role in guiding and protecting us.” 

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