America Tonight with Kate Delaney features physicist and author Neil C. Griffen, author of the book “From Science to Spirituality”

In this brief radio interview, Neil C. Griffen talks to Kate Delaney about his younger years, introduction to physics, exploration of spiritual themes, and his shift in belief. Neil imparts to us his wisdom and knowledge on physics and spirituality, and his valuable insight toward both.

Early Years and the Natural Law

Neil tells Kate Delaney about his Christian upbringing and early doubts towards religious faith despite going along with it, which was contrasted by his introduction to physics in college. He explains that his eventual understanding of the scientific principle began to explain the mysteries of the world around him, which further highlighted his inner conflict between the blind belief of religion and the fact based reality of science. Neil looked to physics for answers. By doing so, he came across the Natural Law, which states that everything in the universe abides by it without exception, a concept that he resonated with as a physicist. With this in mind, he asked, “How does this affect spirituality?”

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Neil C. Griffen

The connection between the physical and spiritual

Neil explains the physical nature of the human brain that abides the Natural Law, which was then challenged by his observation of mediums in his spiritualist church (which he attended alongside college). He witnessed the communication of these mediums with the dead, and their ability to know and learn things that only the dead could have known- this further sparked his growing interest in spirituality. Neil compared the highly accurate ability of the mediums to verify their claims with the scientific method of verifying facts, which lead him to believe that there is an unforeseen, natural law that extends from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. Neil then asked himself how the physical brain could interact with the spiritual, which then served as a basis for his revelations, newfound understandings, and change in belief.

Fixed mindsets, the reaction of his peers, and the scientific community

“I didn’t get that much”, Neil says. In this portion, he discusses the unwillingness of individuals who are steeped in their own beliefs to accept new ideas, which, in Neil’s eyes, highlighted a psychological truth- the fact that if one believes, nobody can talk him or her out of their point of view, many times to the point that they completely disregard proven, scientific truth. “Their minds will go to great extents to protect their point of view, even to the point of ignoring scientific facts”, says Neil. He proceeds to explain that there is no point in discussing this topic with individuals who, in their beliefs, would never be able to hear what he has to say. Neil preferred to talk to those who were more open to hearing concepts that oppose their own, or to those who were spiritual in nature to begin with. 

On god, science, how the spirit world affects the physical, and vice versa

Neil tells Kate: “Depend on science as a guide, and follow it wherever it goes- and my book explains a lot of places that it goes, including the science of psychic phenomena, and the different religions that have beliefs rooted in science.

One of the last things that I brought up in the book which I think is probably my fundamental thought, is the question ‘What is god?’ I talked about god a lot in the book but never really explained it until the last chapter, where I asked, ‘What is science?’ Science is everywhere- it explains everything, and there is no exception to what science can do. Replace the word ‘science’ with ‘god’, and the words are about the same. God knows everything, past and future, just as science does. So my thought is, when you look at god, look at science, and science gives you an idea about what limitations you may have.”

“We are spirits experiencing a physical existence. Life is about the spirit, experiencing the physical”, explains Neil.

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