America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Patience Okon-Ndekwe, the author of the book “Effective Weapons to Stop Violence, Control Terrorism & Curb Conflict: Promises of Peace, National Security & Safety.”

In this interview, Kate Delaney interviews author Patience Okon-Ndekwe as she discusses the spiritual significance of peace offerings in the context of surging social issues and the chaotic state of modern society. In her book “Effective Weapons to Stop Violence, Control Terrorism & Curb Conflict: Promises of Peace, National Security & Safety,” she discusses the contradicting laws that enable civil unrest and disorder, such as gun laws, current legislation, and the flaws in the system that have based their negotiations for peace solely on monetary gain and greed. 

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Patience Okon-Ndekwe

How it all started

What drove me to write this book was based on my personal experience. I’ve fought many spiritual battles, and I’ve understood that the only way I can come out of it is the method that I use called “balancing natural laws” which helped me overcome conflicts, disorders, hatred, confusion, and things like that. I realized that, based on what I was saying, this would help the world- anybody in any situation of terror or personal difficulties. This was the method, and it comes from the Bible.

What it’s like helping others understand her message 

First of all, there’s no one that could be effective in helping anyone if they don’t have a personal story to tell l- something that could resonate with them. I realized that if I can overcome the personal difficulty that I was in, that was the message to the public. I’m a public personality- I help people to achieve their dreams and start them off a new start- I encourage people, and that’s what the Bible is about. But just how effective could one be if they haven’t gone through that? If I could overcome this, then you can too. 

Patience on the meaning of her book in the context of modern issues 

This book is about restoring peace back on earth whenever peace has been broken. When peace has been withdrawn or stolen from the earth, it can only be purchased back spiritually for economic, social, or political gain, to manifest itself again. This is far less costly than folding violence through heavy spending- for instance, in the case of the current political situation and international conflicts like military spending, weapon laws, unjust legislation, and other things that only serve to arouse vengeance. This message is for humanity – for people in all societies, whether nationally or internationally. 

What Patience wants her readers to take away from her book

Let’s backtrack a little bit. What are we doing currently? What are the institutional remedies to treat violence and broken peace? Institutional remedies are broken remedies because they are dependent on mere cost. Without the power to purchase the peace back, great institutions like the UN, African Union, and various international organizations, or even entire nations around the world, are battling surging levels of violence, terror, instability, and conflict. They all have one thing in common- they lack the power to purchase peace back- they lack the ability to purchase security or safety because of the mentality that is rooted in negotiation to bring about peace. So just when did these organizations believe that they are bringing about peace, security, and safety in the consciousness of the people? Something disruptive occurs that erodes that consciousness- a broken consciousness that throws the system back into fear, victimization, chaos, and terror. Mere human words lack the spiritual power to oust chaos. 

 Whenever somebody reads this book, I want them to have hope and know that there is help and that fears may be eased. Or current social issues aren’t big enough to know the power of peace offerings, and that is the tool to oust chaos and violence. These, in the hands of a person intended on achieving peace would be the most sophisticated weapon imitating Christ crucified. Our brains are already wired for Christ-centered spirituality. Peace offerings do more than what the legal systems and legislation can do in terms of bringing about social, political, or economic order for sustainability and human development. 

What it was like writing her book

You need to encounter a revelation to meet people where they are. It’s useless reading something in the Biblewithoutundersign what it has to say and regurgitating it to other people as something plastic. You could sit at home and read the Bible, but until you receive the revelation about what you’re reading, you’re just saying what we all know. So, how could peace offerings be present in the Bible, but we didn’t see it? How could Christ crucify be one thing that serves unto salvation without understanding how we can live peacefully on earth with a measure of safety and security? How could we not have understood that the Bible is concerned about unemployment issues, plagues, and political stability? They were all in the Bible. This is like the snake oil to our problem- and it is not man’s work. It is what God himself has provided. Peace offerings are the most sophisticated weapons imitating Christ crucified, which is what we’re looking for to treat violence and intolerance to those types of things. 

 Where the readers can buy Patience’s book and reach her

My book is available on Amazon, and that includes the Kindle edition. The hard copy is less than forty dollars, but I’d like to hear from people too. If you buy the book, my contact is there, but for anyone who wants to contact me right now, I can be reached through my email address, which is [email protected], or call me at (580) 215 8694. 

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