America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Patricia Mitola. She is the author of the book Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit.

In this 11-and-a-half minute interview, Patricia Mitola discusses bits of her personal life and spiritual journey towards conceptualizing her book. In it, she imparts to listeners her journey towards spiritual awakening and true happiness and provides an in-depth analysis of her interpretation of scripture, religion, and our relationship with God.

Understanding the Relationship with God

In this portion, Patricia opens up about the intricacies of a belief system and its difference from religion. One day her future mother-in-law asked Patricia if she knew if she was going to go to heaven when she dies, and she responded by saying that she didn’t know that it could be known. She talked of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as savior, and that very night when Patricia went home, she did just that.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Patricia Mitola.

Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit

Patricia tells us that this encounter with her future mother-in-law was a highly significant event in her life that spurred a great change of heart in her, which eventually lead her to create her book. From that time on, God was more important in her life and she learned how to invite Him more often into everything and anything she’s involved in, and now’s He’s number 1 in her life. Patricia tells us it’s a personal relationship that strengthens through time. Patricia hopes that there won’t be the name of a church when we get there- it will be the Lord’s house. By giving Him our lives to use for whatever He made us for, for whatever our purpose is, we fulfill our relationship with God in the most fruitful way, explains Patricia. It’s the relationship that makes a difference- no amount of education or years of preaching could ever foster this particular kind of relationship with the Lord. She tells of the countless pastors, preachers, and revenants who never even mention the relationship between man and God and having the presence of the Holy Spirit inside.

About the Author

Patricia N. Mitola was born and raised in Illinois. She received her B.S. degree from Illinois State Normal University in 1956 and her M.S. degree from the University of Minnesota-Mankato. She wrote three guide books for teachers and taught numerous students including those with special needs until 2006. Though she has retired, Patricia still continues to teach ladies’ and girls’ Bible groups, meetings, and Sunday school. She currently lives in Rhode Island.

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