Jamil Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z walks readers through the steps of construction management.

Construction is a booming industry and will remain so with the continuous development of countries. Innovation and trends are emerging, and the construction industry is willing to adapt to these. To work in this industry, you have to have the skills, qualifications, and knowledge in construction. However, textbook knowledge is not enough knowledge when you are in a real situation. Thus, Jamil Soucar presents the Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z to help you work in the industry. 

Real-Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z 

Published in 2017, Jamil Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z will guide you to a successful entry in the field of construction management. Soucar was inspired to write this book after teaching construction management to working adults. He came upon a realization that this topic must be taught from another perspective, a real-life perspective. He has worked in the industry for so long that he knows the construction world’s ins and outs. Soucar hopes to inspire and teach you about construction management from the perspective of real-life experiences. Real-Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z is written in a simple, concise, easy-to-understand, relatable, and on-point manner for the benefit of readers. 

Jamil Soucar expounds on the process of construction management from a real-life perspective. It explains a wide variety of topics necessary to managing a construction project. Working in the industry, sooner or later, you will experience discrepancies between the concepts found in textbooks and their application in real-life. This will lead to confusion with the actions you must take. Therefore, to save you from this, Soucar incorporated theoretical concepts and practical experiences in the book.

Moreover, a practical guide of best practices is presented to help you become a successful construction manager. This book covers all aspects of construction and the challenges construction professionals may encounter while working. Any reader will enjoy the journey the Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z will take you. 

Soucar’s book is unlike other textbooks and manuals; this presents his insight in a conversation style more than a lecture. The book demonstrates the urgency of combining practical, life-learned experiences with the fundamentals of successful construction management. 

Filled with valuable lessons, advice, and perspective in handling a construction project, this book is a gem for entry professionals in the industry. Readers will come out reading this book with a more in-depth understanding of the world of construction. Readers who plan on pursuing a career in the construction sector will surely obtain work skills similar to a seasoned professional. 

Training and Seminars

Soucar’s extensive experience as a construction manager gave him a broad knowledge of construction management. He does not only share his knowledge through his book but also through seminars and training. Being an expert in construction management, Jamil Soucar provides service to train firms and employees in the industry. He offers customized training to help out companies to improve their approach and techniques in handling construction projects. His teaching legacy can also be experienced via his online construction management course – Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z. This course is designed for construction professionals— civil engineers, architects, managers, and more. No matter what level they are in, Soucar will gladly extend his wisdom to the construction trade workers. 

About Jamil Soucar

Author Jamil Soucar is a seasoned construction manager with more than 30 years of experience under his belt. He has worked on both sides of construction projects, giving him insight into both owner and contractor’s perspectives. Soucar earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and certificate in Project Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. Moreover, he is a Certified Construction Manager and a licensed B-General Contractor. He is a well-rounded construction personality. He has worked for big firms from the U.S., such as Turner Construction. Presently, Soucar has a construction management consulting business in Los Angeles. His firm provides consultation to construction professionals and owners alike. Another service offered is construction expert witness by Jamil Soucar to construction attorneys. Soucar has overseen over 500 construction projects in his entire career. 

Soucar lives in California with his wife and two children and spends time playing the piano and traveling. He is gifted in teaching; he has taught classes at Westwood College, offers training and seminar services, and teaching online courses.