ReadersMagnet Review presents these five remarkable young poets making a name for themselves this year.

Taylor Fang

Taylor Fang is a Chinese-American poet born and raised in America. The 18-year old is currently attending Harvard University and is the 2019-20 National Student Poet of the West, the country’s highest honor for youth poets. Fang is also a Presidential Scholar as well as an Ashoka Young Changemaker, and Coca-Cola Scholar. Her written works have been published in New York Times, MIT Technology Review, Pulitzer Center, and MSN. Taylor Fang’s poetry reflects her second-generation American upbringing, providing readers an unflinching, firsthand perspective on migration and American-Asian experiences growing in the United States. One of her famous works is entitled “American Hello Kitty.” Her influences include Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison.

Jaime Fidler

Jaime Fidler is from the West Coast of BC in the small community of Aldergrove. A published poet with two poems in the National Book of Poetry, Jaime is the author of the fantastic book Jaime’s Inspirations. It is a collection of poems to inspire others by Jaime Fidler, using various events of her life as inspirations. Despite the trials and challenges, Jaime carried on writing more poems. Jaime is happily living with her two children and two little furry animals, all of whom have encouraged her to write this book. Jaime seeks to empower ordinary people, even young moms, through the words and meaning of her poems. Her book has also been featured in ReadersMagnet’s Authors’ Lounge and ReadersMagnet Review.

Sophie Paquette

Sophie Pacquette is probably the youngest and most popular to make a name this year. The 18-year old wonder is a student at Interlochen Arts Academy, where she also serves as a co-editor in chief of the Interlochen Review. She is originally from Bloomington, Indiana. Among her accolades include recognitions and awards from Scholastic, Princeton University, and Bennington College for her poetry. Pacquette is a 2019 Presidential Scholar. The Presidential Scholar is only awarded to 20 high school students every year. As a poet, Sophie Paquette is most known for her feminist anthems for her generation. Sophie Paquette’s works have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Offing, Midwestern Gothic, Cosmonauts Avenue,

and Up North Lit.

Donte Collins

Born on May 4, 1996, in Chicago Heights, Illinois, Donte Collins is a spoken word genius at Augsburg College. The Autopsy (Button Poetry, 2017) and winner of the 2016 Aliki Perroti and Seth Frank Most Promising Young Poet Award describe himself as a “Queer, Black, American Poet.” Donte Collins is also the first St. Paul Youth Poet Laureate. Collins is most known for his mature topics and themes and works that challenge power structures and tackles the intersections of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and social division. Collins is a leading figure of TruArtSpeaks, a nonprofit organization inspiring literacy, leadership, and social justice through spoken poetry, hip-hop, and art. He is also an editor at Button Poetry.

Sarah Kay

When it comes to spoken poetry, Sarah Kay is among the leading voice in today’s modern poetry. The 33-year old poet from New York is among the famous performing artists along with poet friend Phil Kaye. Aside from her performances, Sarah Kaye also published two poetry books, “B” (2011), a short hardcover book containing the titular poem, and No Matter the Wreckage (2014), a collection of works celebrating the first ten years of her career. Her poems are also published in magazines including Foundling ReviewDamselFly Press, and decomP literary magazine. Sarah Kay’s milestones also include founding (and being the co-director) Project V.O.I.C.E., a group that aims to use spoken word art to inspire and educate people.