ReadersMagnet Review revisits near future sci-fi author Rick Badman his body of published works.

ReadersMagnet community is already familiar with Rick Badman and his works. In the past months, we have featured several articles on his works. We also mentioned Badman and his books in some of our other featured articles. Rick Badman is the author of two near-future science fiction books. Near future sci-fi is a sub-category of science fiction that features technologies that are not far from being real, say 20 to years from now. Most near-future sci-fi works feature items and stuff that are, in fact, being developed or in their early stages of development as we speak. Today, we are going to revisit Rick Badman and his fantastic works under the said category.

Who is Rick Badman?

Rick Badman is an author and broadcaster from Warsaw, Indiana. He was born on March 21, 1956. As a young man, Rick has always been interested in science and the endless possibilities it offers. In particular, Badman is interested in science fiction and technology. His interest and passion for science fiction led him to write sci-fi at a very young age. In fourth grade, he began writing short stories and plays. One aspect that caught his fascination is how futuristic technology can affect the world. When he was in 8th grade, Rick turned to write stories inspired by sci-fi television shows and books that he came to read. Some of Badman’s works would soon find their way into radio shows. This passion and years of study would contribute a lot to Rick Badman’s career as a writer and as a radio personality. More than 50 years have passed, and now Rick Badman is a name in future sci-fi literature with two published books under his name.

“I believe that despite the terrible things that will happen in the years to come, the future will generally be hopeful and full of endless potential. I try to imagine living in the future I’m writing about and document the details I see with my mind’s eye. My Christian faith makes me optimistic and a creator of heroes who readers should aspire to emulate. I also tend to deal with characters that are very much like me; normal looking, enthusiastic yet practical, sarcastic at times, and principled. These are people I imagine living the life of and can let them say exactly what I believe. Like me, they rely on intelligence to succeed and not brute strength. If you want to read about super heroes, buy a graphic novel. If you want to read about people you can relate to and wish you were like, read one of my narratives.” – Rick Badman

Rick’s Literary Journey

Although Rick Badman’s interest in sci-fiction literature started more than five decades ago, it was in 1999 that he finally embarked on a full journey. In that year, Rick Badman released his first major work, The Belt: The Kuiper Belt Incident. However, his second novel would really cement his reputation as a near-future sci-fi writer. In 2002, Rick Badman published his second novel and the first book that would feature the character of Dick Thurman. The Madhouse Projects is a near-future sci-fi adventure that follows Thurman as he is introduced to a mysterious employer and finds himself working in an underground facility know as The Madhouse (named so because of the weird and mad things that happen there). Here, we meet the automotive engineer Dick Thurman who, after being kicked out in the university, is employed by an organization called the BOSS or Backers and Organizers for Sensible Solutions. Dick begins building several of his ideas, specifically the Electric Indy Cars of Madhouse Projects. A story about flying cars and realistic inventions which could be possible in the future, The Madhouse Projects is a near sci-fi narrative that is fresh and entertaining.

In 2011, Badman released another book entitled Tales from Newgate. However, it would take almost two decades for Rick to follow up on his success with The Madhouse Projects. In 2019, Badmans finally released The Russian Madhouse, a sort of sequel for the 2002 masterpiece. In this book, we follow Dick and his wife’s adventure as Dick is now the director of an underground research and development installation in Siberia. Dick convinces the Russian President (who looks like Stalin) to start the installation that is referred to as the facility. Dick Thurman and his wife Kate arrive in February 2040 in a flying car. Just like the first book, The Russian Madhouse is a wacky near-future sci-fi adventure that will really crank up your imagination on the possibilities of futuristic technology.

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