ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at the memoir Sex, Womanizing and …by Fred Sights.

Memoirs and autobiographical works that feature transformation journeys, overcoming adversities, and displaying grace and courage are always inspiring. Aside from the true-to-life narratives that allow us a peek into a person’s extraordinary life, these memoirs and biographies also remind us of specific values and essential aspects of life. These stories encourage us to reflect on our own lives and make choices that will empower us, just like today’s featured book, Sex, Womanizing and …by Fred Sights. Today, we will learn valuable insights from Fred Sights on Sex and womanizing stories.

Sex, Womanizing and …is a memoir published in 2019, written by Fred William Sights.

Fred William Sights’narrative is very compelling not only because he shares very detailed accounts of his life journey, in particular his battle against low self-esteem, anxiety, and his entanglement with drugs. It is a particularly interesting book because of its raw honesty about unpleasant memories and repressed feelings. Fred eventually turned to drugs, sex, and women to escape negative memories and unexpressed emotional baggage. However, this lifestyle began to take a toll on him, and he spiraled downwards until hitting rock bottom. The first ones to suffer aside from Fred himself were those closest to him. In his book, he noted how his family and friends were significantly affected by his behavior and, in his lowest times, were also the ones who stood by him.

One of the highlights and lessons from this memoir is the importance of expressing your pain, anger, confusion, fears, and other struggles. Opening to family and friends is essential if one wants to avoid self-destructive behaviors. Sex, Womanizing and…by Fred William Sights teaches us self-redemption and coming to terms with the past to heal and move forward.

Understanding as well as being willing to face my flaws truthfully brought some level of peace in my life.” 

Fred William Sights not only takes us on a journey of many emotions and life challenges but also to a beautiful transition. His memoir is a story of how one man finally found redemption and peace. Readers will feel hope and inspiration from reading Fred William Sights’ life story and courage and inspiration to seek higher meaning in life and a stronger relationship with family, community, and above all, God Almighty.

Overall, Fred William Sights’ memoir is an easy-to-read book but not without investing emotions and sympathy. It is written with clarity and vivid recollection. More importantly, it is an honest account of one person’s life whose purpose is to share his inspiring story and the lessons that are part of the narrative. With only fifty-six pages, the book will prove to be enjoyable and enlightening at the same time.

About the Author

Fred William Sights was born in Toledo, Ohio. He was raised by his adoptive grandparents William and Helen Sights. While growing up, Fred developed an interest and a strong passion for music and sports. He grew to excel in both fields of interest and won competitions and recognitions. After graduating high school, the young Fred decided to join the military. It was a milestone that he is very proud of, stating that he enjoyed his time and service with the United States Air Force. Fred was married to my first wife during his time in the army. Their union produced four wonderful sons. His autobiographical book covered pretty much the 20-plus years of his marriage and family life. Fred has learned quite a lot about himself and the man while writing the memoir.

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