Troy Louis’s Sitting On Jesus’s Lap is an inspirational book published in 2018.

The Holy Bible is not only the sacred book of Christians, but it is also a book filled with stories and moral lessons. In it, you will find guidance, nourishment, and wisdom. For many Christians, the holy book also serves as their refuge and salvation in times of crisis. When they find themselves in confusion, most Christians seek out the scriptures. The Bible serves as the moral compass and for many believers, the ultimate handbook of life. 

“We, as humans, are still trying to figure out life by falsely achieving and accomplishing what the world has to offer. At the end of the day, something is still missing.

While we were chasing things in the world, the creator of our creation was chasing us with His love.

Sometimes we achieve everything in life that makes us happy, but we are missing that one thing that brings us joy.” (excerpt from the book Sitting On Jesus’s Lap)

Sitting on Jesus’s Lap by Troy Louis

Published in 2018, Sitting in Jesus’s Lap is an inspirational work by Troy Louis. The book hopes to help readers find courage and shelter in times of challenges. Author Troy Louis recognizes that our world is in crisis, and we every day we encounter adversities, anxieties, prejudice, and loads of other stresses. Many of us can only take so much and find themselves seeking help, and rightly so. However, Louis also thinks that the word ‘help’ is often being used without accountability or action. Louis also notes that compared to a hundred years before, today’s cry for help is greater.

Modern society’s cries for help are borne out of many things. Now more than ever, our society has become more complex, creating complex people with complex problems. Sitting in Jesus’s Lap by Troy Louis tries to examine deeper where these cries for help come from. The book digs deeper into our social problems as well as the personal. Are these really products of the chaotic society or are the modern people too spoiled and pampered by technology, comforts, and luxuries?

Now and then, we find ourselves overwhelmed by life’s curveballs, and no matter how we struggle to overcome these problems, our efforts are not enough. Troy Louis’s Sitting On Jesus’s Lap calls us to seek God’s help, reminding us that each of us has a purpose in life. Louis’s work provides us with questions to most of our questions and to questions we didn’t even know were there in the first place.

About Troy Louis

Troy Louis is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He came from a large family of three boys and three girls. At the time of his birth, Louis weighed in at only a pound and a half. He considers it a miracle that he lived and grew up to be quite healthy. Troy Louis decided to dedicate his life to God at an early age. Despite life’s adversities, Troy Louis struggled to pursue his goals. Today, he only looks back with amazement and gratitude at those years. Troy Louis credits Jesus Christ as the reason for his life’s beautiful transformation.

Sitting On Jesus’s Lap was inspired by the Bible. The author, Troy Louis had read the Bible, became a huge part of his journey with different ministries, and Bible studies. He realized that sitting in Jesus’s lap somehow epitomizes the idea that Christ is always there for us when we need His help. Aside from Sitting on Jesus’s Lap, Troy Louis is also the author of the book Honor God with Your Body.