People often say that “if it’s not on social media, it’s not worth talking about.” But what exactly this means for those in book marketing, especially self-published authors who want to level the playing field in promoting their stories and ranking their sites in search engine?

Some experts recently issued statements that social media signals (likes, shares, tweets, following, etc.) are incomplete and does not have a direct influence in increasing ranks in search engine. While social media authority as measured by metrics mentioned above is not a contributing factor in search ranking, it does have other essential benefits as far the online book marketing strategy. Social media advertising remains an integral part of publishing and book marketing services.

Creative Content and the Social Media Platforms

Social Media Advertising cannot function without content. Social media platforms serve as a medium for your ideas and content. In SEO, we believe in the principle that “Content is King” and hence, everything must revolve around quality and relevant content. Interesting and relevant content attracts visitors to your social media. On the other hand, social media platforms ensure that your content is syndicated and will reach the broadest number of the target audience. This alone is enough reason why social media is an important part of book marketing as well as establishing an author’s reputation online.

The Role of Social Media in Various Aspects of SEO

So, how exactly does social media contribute to various aspects of search engine optimization and in the overall promotion of the author’s site and brand?

Social Media Advertising affects many facets of digital marketing. Not only is social media effective in disseminating information but it also can contribute to the following:

  • Page Authority. Authority means credibility. It is one of the basic requirements in establishing your brand and building your reputation online. Social media plays a vital role in assuring that you are a legitimate entity online. A reputable social media authority with high metrics can be viewed by many as a measure of credibility. If your social media accounts enjoy this, then it can yield positive results for your site as well as your brand.
  • User experience. When you have interesting content and readers are compelled to stay longer in your social media. If you have great content syndicated on social media along with high metrics, it will lead to more traffic in your site and help set up good user experience.
  • Link opportunities. Social media advertising offers link opportunities aside from increasing social media authority. These can will influence Google to rank your posts and your site. However, it is important to convince Google that you are a credible source. Another factor is to publish content that is timely and relevant to reach a large number of readers.
  • Brand Reputation. Online reputation management is now an investment nowadays. A very important part of that is an active social media person create a comprehensive calendar for the business brand. With extensive social media advertising and an author’s website with SEO quality almost always produces good results for your online reputation campaign.
  • Social Media Profile. The metrics for social media authority (likes, shares, following) does not affect site rankings. However, social media profiles can rank high in search engine listings. For example, if you type “Readersmagnet” Google search, their Facebook profile is at the number 7 spot. This can affect the ranking of your site as well as other material related to your brand: blogs, reviews, and other related searches bearing your brand name.

ReadersMagnet Social Media Advertising Services

ReadersMagnet believes in the efficiency of social media advertising. It relies on its Facebook account and other social media platforms in syndicating blogs and other content. Through social media, ReadersMagnet is able to further advertise its other services, events, and most importantly their client authors and their books. Needless to say that ReadersMagnet is present in almost all social media sites.

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