ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Scott A. Kleiner’s Taking the History of Science Really Seriously.

Scott A Kleiner’s contribution to modern science is underrated. For many years the science professor has published many research papers and studies that should be looked up to by today’s leading scientific minds. Today, ReadersMagnet will take a look at the latest history and philosophy book by Scott Kleiner.

Taking the History of Science Really Seriously is a 284-page science book that provides a historical, conceptual, and methodological analysis of selected iconic shifts or revolutions in scientific theory and practice. 

Kleiner’s recent groundbreaking scientific work is a 284-page book Kleiner’s work is divided into three main parts- a reexamination of the Copernican Revolution (I), history of evolutionary inquiries (Part II), and genetics (Part III).

Taking the History of Science Really Seriously offers engaging historiography of science that should embody a criterion for separating science from non-science through a historical timeline. The book features the timeline representing a history of one or more converging or diverging scientific disciplines. 

Kleiner’s timeline contains a succession of interesting episodes and significant cognitive, ontological, and methodological commitments. For example, the ‘Scientific Revolution” of renaissance Europe is often thought of as the Copernican Revolution. However, it also embodies the whiggish conception that Greek and later heliocentric cosmologies are unscientific. Whiggism is defined in the history of science as “denigrate and repudiate certain histories of science which accept the idea of progress as an idea of significant value.” (

This is just one of the many interesting chapters and topics for discussion found in Professor Kleiner’s book. There are so many highlights that it is impossible to pinpoint one great discussion from all the science and history and evolution of human thinking presented in this book.

Modern scientific minds and lovers of history and evolution will find Kleiner’s work to be a delightful and enlightening read, to say the least.

Overall, it is both a research breakthrough and a delightful read that will take readers to an extraordinary journey of science, history, and the evolution of today’s modern thoughts in various fields of study, including physics, biology, genetics, and astronomy. As a scientist and teacher, Kleiner gifts today’s young minds a never-before easy, comprehensive breakthrough of our human knowledge that existed before and where it is heading now. Scott Scott A. Kleiner’s History of Science Really Seriously is a remarkable contribution to scientific research and science.

About the Author

Scott A. Kleiner is a college professor and author. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1938. In 1960, Kleiner went to Williams College to obtain his Bachelor of Arts in Physics. The following year, Kleiner attended the University of Chicago, where he got his M.A. in 1961 and later on his Ph.D. in 1968. 

Scott A. Kleiner worked as an instructor at Sweet Briar from 1965 to 1969. He then served as an Assistant professor at the University of Georgia from 1969 to 1977. He became an Associate Professor in 1977 and became a Professor in 1992. In 2004, Scott A. Kleiner was named Professor Emeritus. 

Scott A. Kleiner conducted many studies and researches, including studying the history of biology at Cambridge University UK (1973-1974), discovery and inquiry at the University of Pittsburgh (1985-1959), and Genetics at the University of Georgia (1992-1993). 

Kleiner has always committed himself to the pursuit of scientific change and discovery in the physical and biological sciences.

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