The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a Christian Children’s book by Mara-lee Stricker.

One creative way to teach our children about faith and God is through stories. There are plenty of great stories in the Holy Bible. There are also creative stories that come in the form of children’s illustrated books. Fables and short stories have been effective tools in driving home the message of kindness, honesty, respect, loyalty, faith, and love. Lessons from fables are easy to remember and will inspire children to share the story with other kids. Modern fables are being used in schools, churches, and the community to reach as many young minds as possible. Today, we will take on one children’s illustrated book that is all about faith and the goodness of God- The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky by Mara-lee Stricker.

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a 2015 Christian children’s illustrated book by Mara-lee Stricker. 

It is a short story featuring animal characters. The main character is Cammy, a young lamb. Cammy has a twin brother named Sammy, and together they play under the watchful eyes of their Mother Ewe. For Mara-lee, the story of Camby and Sammy and their ever-caring mother is a good presentation of how Jesus is to all of us. 

“Parents can easily relate the mother’s heart, akin to the heart of Jesus as He is to His children. A wonderful and useful book. Had I had this book when my children were small, I certainly would have made use of it.”

Mara-lee’s book is a fantastic tool that can bridge the gap between the conventional way of educating kids about our faith and religion and the modern time often filled with distractions and nuisance. The book allows children to have fun and at the same time learn more about our doctrine and the blessing of spiritual life. 

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a simple yet effective tool for introducing young readers to Christianity. Parents and teachers will find the book very light and enjoyable. For kids, the simple wordings and the amazing illustrations in the book will certainly entice them to read the pages over and over again. It is no surprise that pastors and parents are recommending this awesome book.

“Mara-lee has given us a tremendous gift. Christians throughout history have systematically taught the faith to their children. This practice of systematic training in a catechism has become largely neglected by the Church in the last generation.” -Pastor Jeff Durbin

“Mara-lee has peeked into a child’s inquiring mind and has given solid answers to questions about how to hear and respond to God’s voice. Children will love the way Cammy’s Adventures introduces them to new experiences in their lives. This delightful book will be a great tool for opening up discussions both at home and in the classroom.” Donna Lapp 

About Mara-lee Stricker

Mara-lee Stricker was born and raised in New York State. She then married and raised six children in North Carolina. Mara-lee Stricker never imagined moving to Arizona but has come to call it her home. In 2012, she became a grandmother, and today she now has four grandsons. At the opening of this book, the readers will note a symbolism that refers to them. Mara-lee loves to dabble in many forms of art- painting, sketching, sewing, and writing songs. She also plays the guitar. She has woven through seasons in her life, and now an out-working of children’s books brings a new delight.