ReadersMagnet Reviews presents a memoir about the familiar perils of drug and alcohol abuse and how one man survived a dark chapter in his life.

Achieving salvation is never easy. The road to redemption can be challenging, and we need all the help we can get to pull ourselves from the depths of despair. The Beginning…The End…Anew by Zedart Hodges is a story that is all too familiar to many of us. Many of us have friends and loved ones who suffered from alcoholism and substance abuse and hit rock bottom before finally finding the courage and faith to overcome darkness and get back to society. It is a memoir that more than 20 million American adults must read and absorb so they too may be inspired to regain control of their lives and begin anew.

The Beginning… The End… Anew! by Zedart Hodges is not just his journey but also of the people who cared for him and never abandoned his side.

Published just last year, the book The Beginning… The End… Anew! by Zedart Hodges is a chronicle of the author’s life as an alcoholic and a drug addict. Although it is a chapter in his dark past, Zedart Hodges vividly recalls the unpleasant experiences and overall journey with alcohol and drugs. What started at little temptation became regular encounters with smoke, alcohol, and eventually drugs. His addiction changed his life and affected his relationships with the people he cared most and cared for him. They were witnesses to his transformation and spiraling out of control.

While there are so many memoirs with themes such as drug abuse and alcoholism, Hodges’ narrative is unique. It is a book that will take readers on a whole journey of struggle, confusion, regrets, anxiety, and finally finding the courage and faith to say “enough” of this life. Zedart highlights how we can make a difference if we have the will to do the things we ought to do to create our future. By emphasizing that that falling back into our self-pitying condition of denial is not going to make things better, Zedart encourages people who are still suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse to quit. At the same time, they still have the time and the chance to start all over again.

As a testament to his heartwarming journey, readers will find that Zedart has been helping people who struggle with addiction (e.g., drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc.) get back on their feet. Drawing from his own dark experiences, faith, and wisdom he has found, Zedart is helping alcoholics and drug addicts understand that there is more to life than this seemingly never-ending cycle of despair and temporary “high” that these substances offer. Zedart continues to convince them that they can take the wheel and steer it in a more smooth and straight path. His story is a constant reminder to all others that if he can triumph against addiction, anxiety, and depression, they can too.

Zedart Hodges’ memoir The Beginning… The End… Anew! is also available in digital format (Kindle) for readers to enjoy.

About Zedart Hodges

Zedart Hodges is from North Carolina. He is a recovered addict and a former alcoholic. His life story is the inspiration for his debut book, The Beginning… The End… Anew!, a riveting memoir about his struggle and triumph over drugs and alcohol. Zedart has been sober and clean and hopes to inspire others struggling with addiction and alcoholism to seek help and become well again.

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