The Brotherhood of the Wone is a science-fiction adventure novel by Len Stage.

Science fiction adventures are works that deal with time travel, parallel universe, journey to other worlds, impossible quests, and encounters with out of this world forces that could bring doom to our universe. Len Stage’s debut novel The Brotherhood of the Wone is a sci-fi fiction that blends sci-fi, adventure, and mystery. Published in 2019, The Brotherhood of the Wone promises to take readers to a unique journey that is reminiscent of Abraham Grace Merrit’s novella The Moon Pool, published exactly 100 years ago before Wone’s publication. 

The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage

Len Stage’s story begins with a man named Lon. He lives peacefully with his family in a quiet little town. Lon is a handyman and quite knowledgeable in mechanics and electronics as well. He earns a living as a handyman and as an ambulance technician. Lon mostly keeps to himself but is known as a compassionate and polite man. 

One day, Lon receives a visit from an old acquaintance, Jean Conway. Conway is a childhood friend and is the daughter of the town’s museum owner. Conway and her husband Bill are into archaeology and have strong connections in the field. Jean invites Lon to travel with her to Belize. Jean had found a strange piece of a Mayan’s priest robe from the tombs of their most powerful priests. However, she could find details about the piece. Soon their lives will change as they uncover one of the greatest forces even known in the universe, that lay dormant for hundreds of years. 

“Jean knew quite a bit about the Mayans and their religious practices. She said that judging from all the secrecy, deception, and the lack of any other references, those there were very important tombs indeed. As near as she could tell, they were the tombs of their most powerful priests. The only one who would know the location of the tombs was the next priest to take power.”– Excerpt from The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage

Len Stage’s Brotherhood is unique from other sci-fi adventures we’ve read recently or in the past decade. The setting is not complex. On the contrary Stage kept the elements raw and the storyline simple. There lies its beauty. At a time when most of us are reading about sophisticated alien plots and space mysteries, and a parallel universe, The Brotherhood of the Wone take readers to an adventure closer to home- ancient relics, mystic religions, and archaeological adventures are something that we can all relate to and are easier to absorb. The Brotherhood of the Wone reminds us of the classic film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom- simple, raw, and classic.  

If you want a thrilling adventure but at the same time easy to navigate and absorb, grab a copy of Len Stage’s The Brotherhood of the Wone.

Possible Future Wone Series

In an interview with radio host Kate Delaney, Len Stage opened the possibility of publishing a sequel and possible series based on the Brotherhood of the Wone. 

“I’m going to start as soon as things light up a little bit…and I’m gonna start writing the other book. I’ve already started taking notes on what I’m going to do, how I’m gonna do it, and what I’m going to say in the other book.”

About the Len Stage

Len Stage is from North Idaho. Len grew up without a father, and was raised single-handedly by his mom, who had to work hard to provide for their family. Len developed a condition called dyslexia when he was still a child. For most of his life, Stage struggled with the condition until he met a teacher who taught him to manage his condition. With the help from this teacher and with the aid of computer technology, Len finished his studies and develop a passion for writing stories. Len Stage is married and has three kids. His book, The Brotherhood of the Wone is inspired by a short story his younger son wrote years ago.