The Color of Love is a poetry book that celebrates God’s, unconditional love.

When I think of religious or inspirational poetry, I think of John Milton’s Paradise Regained or Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. These works are filled with serenity and love. Raymond Quattlebaum’s 2018 poetry book The Color of Love reminds us of the same calm feeling. But the book is not just a mere celebration of faith or spirituality. Quattlebaum also talks about love, passion, and positivity. Let us take a closer look at one of the best poetry books featured on Publisher’s Weekly last 2018- The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum.

The Color of Love

“Life is the essence of who we are! We must PUSH! Because in life you never know how far you can go until you PUSH! Life is a constant PUSH!!! We all must PUSH! Because movement is the essence of life. My book will inspire the reader to read more as you turn the pages inspired about what is coming next. My book talks about the chapters of life in its unique form. The coloration in life is Poetry In Motion. You will understand poetry from another point of view, the author. A lot of times in life it’s not what you read, it’s how good the book is you have read, where it takes you. How did it make you feel, did you get anything from it.” – Raymond Quattlebaum

The Color of Love is a poetry book that was published last March 2018. It is Raymond Quattlebaum’s first book. Raymond is also the author of the poetry book Poetry in Motion, published last 2019.

The Color of Love is a collection of 38 poems filled with praise and gratitude toward God. In this book, Quattlebaum inspires readers to see the goodness of God, to embrace positivity, and to keep the faith no matter what happens. Aside from inspirational lines and poetry, The Color of Love also takes a closer look at social issues such as poverty and inequality. In his poems, Quattlebaums recognized the realities of life and how God’s unconditional love and grace can help ease our suffering.

The Color of Love teaches readers to look at life with a healthy and positive disposition. Raymond Quattlebaums’ poetry is all about love, faith, and motivation. The poems remind us that love is the most powerful force in the world and that God is the source of unlimited and unconditional love. All thirty-eight poems were written with candidness, passion, and firm conviction. In this book, Raymond does not only impart his faith but also his strong emotions. Readers who have encountered his other book, Poetry in Motion, can attest to Raymond’s consistency in his writing and his passion.

Publishers Weekly considered The Color of Love as one of the best-read books for 2018. On March 18, 2019, Publishers Weekly will be featuring The Color Of Love in their magazine.

About the Author

Raymond Quattlebaum is an African American poet. Quattlebaum’s love for poetry started in school. In third grade, he wrote poems for his teacher Mrs. Albert. Raymond’s teacher was so amazed by his work that she published his poems in the school newspaper. Writing poetry made Raymond feel good and it inspired him to continue writing. The singing group Earth, Wind, & Fire greatly influenced Raymond in his teenage years. Raymond has written numerous poems and compiled them into two books- Poetry in Motion and The Color of Love.

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