No matter who you are, you must admit rainbow emits a beauty that mesmerizes every person on earth. Seeing the rainbow is always an extraordinary phenomenon. The best thing about a rainbow is that you see one when you least expect it. It appears when the creator wants it to and when it’s ready to appear. That is how life should be; we must choose the type of life we want to live and how to survive in it, whether to be great or not, to live happily or not. Of course, life is a bumpy ride, but the choice of living still depends on you. Today, ReadersMagnet features James Forker’s memoir to examine the relation of life and the rainbow. 

The End of the Rainbow

The End of the Rainbow is a beautifully written memoir about a man’s journey of love and loss. James Forker has created a gorgeous lasting image of his beloved wife Jen, whom he lost to cancer. This book serves as proof of their undying love beyond death and a legacy of her beauty inside and out, of her spirit, and of her ability to always light up a room, wherever she was. 

James narrates his journey to a dream come true overtaken by a tragic loss that left him searching for answers. The story begins at the immediate connection he has with former Tabor Academy Health Center Nurse Jen Forker towards the subsequent bout with leukemia. Despite every piece of the terrible news that Jen received regarding her diagnosis, she never failed to be there for everyone around her. James, who was initially struggling from this shocking revelation, found the strength to keep pushing through and being there for her every step of the way. But alas, not all stories have a happy ending. His surely wasn’t, but Jen wouldn’t want him to put his life on hold, so he kept on moving forward. With his children’s support, he was able to continue living and loving. 

This memoir stands as a story of tremendous courage and resilience, an inspiration well needed for many grappling in the throes of tragedy. Written deeply from the heart with so much emotion rising from the very pages itself. So far, this is the most beautiful and raw account of an unbelievable woman, of a couple, of a family, and a journey defined not by loss but by love. 

A rainbow is a clear symbol of hope, brightening your darkest days. After a storm passes, we see them as symbols of better things, and they often lift our spirits high. With that said, you wouldn’t be able to see a rainbow now without thinking about Jen, a woman you may never meet but will always remember. Gilbert K. Chesterton’s quote befits the entirety of James’ underlying message, “And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

The End of the Rainbow took to form a few months after her October 2018 passing that was mourned not only by a grieving husband but by the entire Tabor community. James had no prior writing experience, but when you know the subject pretty well, words will pour out on the pages of the paper. 

About the Author

James “Jim” Forker was born and raised in New Jersey. He enjoys many hobbies, from cycling to hiking, always searching for something new to try every time. He is a proud father of five: Ben, Charlotte, and Nora, plus two furry kids, Libby and Leo. As of date, James has helped with the fundraising for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He is a first-time writer with The End of the Rainbow as his first publication.