ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Judith’s book about God’s intervention in human lives.

Last year, pastor and former educator Judith Martin Alford released a magnificent book titled The Hands of God. Since then, Judith’s book about God’s intervention in human lives has touched the lives of many readers. Today, ReadersMagnet Review features this amazing book to learn more about Judith Martin Alford’s inspiring work.

The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives hopes to remind us that miracles do exist in this day and age.

“The greatest joy that I have had in life is watching and seeing what the Hand of God has done and is doing… I have been blessed by God to have had these experiences, and I decided to write about them to share them with you and with future generations.”

The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives by Judith Martin Alford is a collection of true stories that display God’s presence in our everyday lives. In her book, Alford presents individual narratives where God performs His miracles to the faithful. As a pastor who has served mission works across the United States and missions trips in Russia and Germany, Alford has witnessed how God works to help His people, whether it’s healing the sick, comforting the sorrowful, changing one’s heart, or giving the gift of faith.

“I hope that this book will encourage Christians to step out and walk in their faith journey more. Too often, we have these things happen to us, and we stay quiet about them because they are kind of supernatural. “

These short stories are filled with lessons and will encourage readers to be more compassionate, patient, kind, grateful, and be more open to God’s voice in our daily lives. The Hand of God is a book that will make you believe that despite the modern advancements of science and our society today, there are things that only God can provide.

What Judith Martin Alford offers to her readers is not only a collection of proof that God exist but also an invitation to build a meaningful relationship with Him.

Sometimes, what we need are not miracles to show that God exists, but rather a way to feel God’s existence in our lives and how we can communicate with Him. Judith Martin Alford’s The Hands of God provides the inspiration and guidance on how to better see God’s part in our lives so we can embrace Him and be blessed by His wisdom and unconditional love. Alford’s experience as a Pastor and a great communicator are two remarkable features of her book. While true stories about God’s intervention in people’s lives remain the focal point of this beautiful book, it is how Alford narrated these stories that also make this an enjoyable read. The Hands of God is truly an unforgettable read, if not life-changing.

The Hands of God is for both believers and for those who are still seeking the gift of faith. Each story in the book will interest readers and inspire them to seek God’s blessing as well as faith in his Son, Jesus Christ.

You can purchase Judith Martin Alford’s The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes. The book is available in audiobook, paperback, and Kindle versions. You can also visit her website for updates and other information related to her book.